Female hyenas don’t have dicks wtf. They have elongated clitorises. Just because something is long don’t make it a dick.

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Technically it's called a pseudopenis, but you're more right than the TRA is.

Hyenas also REALLY care about sex. Even the highest-ranking males in the clan are constantly subject to abuse from all other females. The lowest-ranking males are ostracized and have to form bachelor clans with each other just to survive. A male hyena can't just tell the dominant female that he "identifies" as a female to climb the social order. If he tried to eat before it was his turn, the females would probably all kill him. Darn transphobes /s.

Anymore than just because theirs is short makes theirs not a dick

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Holy fuck the absolute condescension makes me boil. He calls the person an idiot and then proceeds to make the most fucking stupid comparisions.

Platypus and echidnas are the ONLY mammals that lay eggs. They still need a fucking male and female platypus each to do this. Why he thinks this is a fact that would blow anyone's mind outside of grade school biology is ridiculous.

Female hyenas don't have dicks. They have an enlarged clitoris, through which they still perform female-exclusive acts such as giving birth and mating to allow insemination. They are still female despite their similar anatomy to the males, to the point where experts still have trouble telling them apart at a glance, BECAUSE THEY ARE CAPABLE OF FEMALE-EXCLUSIVE ACTS. THAT'S WHY YOU CAN CALL IT A FEMALE HYENA. DUMBASS. PSUEDOPENISES ARE NOT PENISES, LIKE TRANSWOMEN ARE NOT WOMEN. THAT'S WHY IT'S CALLED "PSUEDO", AND THAT'S WHY IT'S CALLED "TRANS".

And ALL species care about the act of reproduction because THAT'S THE MAIN POINT OF EACH SPECIES: TO PROCREATE AND CONTINUE THE LINE. Humans and a select few other animals might be the only species that engage in sexual acts solely for pleasure outside of reproduction (bonobos and dolphins etc), but all species literally need to care about sex in order to survive.

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Animals are known to always ask for gender identity before mating.

This is almost as dumb as whatever it is Jordan Peterson said about humans being comparable to lobsters, and the TRA "retort" about male seahorses. The human mammal is neither a sea creature nor an echidna, no matter how much Sonic and Knuckles self-insertion slashfic these delusional clowns write.

I wear hoodies all the time. It doesn't make me a marsupial.

What was Peterson trying to argue by bringing up lobsters?

That hierarchies are natural, as evidenced by hierarchical structures of creatures like lobsters... and patriarchy is an example of one such hierarchy keeping everything together, therefore attempts to overcome it only introduce "chaos" which is represented by "the feminine."

TRAs jumped on the other issue he raised about the Canadian pronouns law and attempted to troll him by arguing that male seahorses can get pregnant so therefore, male-identified people can too.

In hindsight he was right about the slippery slope towards Orwellianism starting with C-16, but went off the rails into defending the "masculine order" in response. The male seahorses thing coming from TRAs wasn't even relevant to the lobster remark and only makes the whole spat more absurd.

Funny how he doesn't bring up pinnepeds, where most males don't mate and dominant males can be 3-5x the size of the females.

Ah yes, animals have no idea how to reproduce and just go around screwing any animal of the same species they see and hope for the best. Male animals totally don't try to murder each other all the time, let's put a bunch of stallions on the same pasture.

It's just.... so depressing that an ideology built on the stupidest pile of crap ideas has taken over society. Anyway, life is beautiful outside.

This is how I’ve taken to looking at it as well. It’s a green and beautiful world still.

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Wait until he learns that roosters don't have penises...

Sure, bring cocks into it

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What is this even trying to say ??? Animals care about sex because reproducing is like main driving force in animals. Some animal even do it just for fun. "Gender" is the thing only humans care about

Also, humans are mammals so wtf 😂

Image Transcription: Twitter

f: Vesemir |🏳️‍⚧️🇺🇦| blm | GOs2

Actually, sex is barely even biological, in most creatures. Humans are the ONLY ones who care about it.

g0ddess 0f F0rtune @ g0ddessF0r...

That's insane you even think that.

Lmfao. You dont even know what a mammal is. 🤣🤣🤣

f: Vesemir |🏳️‍⚧️🇺🇦| blm | GOs2

Actually... I uh... I do. A mammal, like all creatures, adapts to what it must. An idiot (most likely like yourself) would see it biologically impossible that echidnas and platypi lay eggs, and yet they do. You also seem like the type of person to be shocked to learn about---

f: Vesemir |🏳️‍⚧️🇺🇦| blm | GOs2

female hyenas, which have bigger dicks than any woman should (according to your standards).

g0ddess 0f F0rtune @ g0ddessF0r...

You're comparing men who pretend to be women to hyenas? 😂😂😂

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As someone who keeps reptiles and wants to breed them as soon as I have the money/space to do it, this is a hilariously bad argument. My crested geckos don't care about sex which is why I can keep two females together or a male and female together, but two males will immediately try to kill each other.

I've heard so many stories about cats and dogs that don't like or are afraid of men. Animals not only care about the sex of members of their own species, many of them can tell and care about the sex of humans.

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