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"I still get more women than you".

Trying to be a woman, but still having the moid belief that obtaining women makes you "better" or "right." We're still just a resource to them, not human beings.

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"I still get more women than you"

proceeds to type 15 reddit posts titled "why don't cis women like me?" or, "why won't lesbians date me?"

Yes, that line exactly. The mask slips off so quickly, doesn't it?

LOL and the 'lines' are not even clever, just pathetic. Not just deficient in respect for women, they are deficient in wit and mental capacity, too.

How has this movement gained so much traction. ...Oh, I forgot. Because this is what the world values: idiot males fighting to uphold male dominance.

He forgot to claim his dick is probably bigger than the other guy's 🤣

Don't forget plugging your ears and going LA LA LA LA LA LA LA. Surefire debate winner right there.

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3 — the dude obviously does care, otherwise he wouldn’t make a pathetic post.

4 — simply not true. These dudes are incels to the highest degree possible. No, dudes, other TIMs are not women either.

5 — lollllllllllllll. Yeah, nothing better than “shhhhhhhhhh!!!!!” as a comeback.


All I could think of

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I immediately thought of that too!! Lmao!

I love that episode... the whole trying to get a sketch of “the shusher” at the police station, and then they finally get one from that caricature artist, but it has the dude drawn riding a dune buggy and wearing a propeller hat... 🤣🤣🤣 Priceless.

Omg, and then they show the sketch to the bartender... “No, I’ve never seen a cartoon character in here shushing people.” His delivery of that line... hilarious.

I need to rewatch that episode now. Lol

I honestly couldn't prevent myself from laughing right in someone's face if they said that to me. So childish, pathetic, and unfunny.

These people are so pathetic. You're supposed to stop being this pathetic once you've completed Middle School.

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