I feel like this is gaslighting. Ovarit is literally full of receipts of TIMs on Twitter and Preddit complaining about how lesbian won't sleep with them and sometimes even demanding that lesbians do so. On the posts on Preddit at least all the comments where lesbians are explaining why they don't want to be with a TIM, even if they are ultra-respectful towards TIMs, are getting removed.

I'm not a lesbian myself but its evidently clear to anyone paying attention that this is literally what they are demanding.

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Even though Eldena is talking specifically about lesbians, there definitely is a push for bisexual women to sleep with TiMs. They don't talk about bi women as much because they just kinda expect bis to be always open to them. "Bi women like both males and females so they have to be open to TiPs all the time." Straight women are seen as bigots if they leave their TiM husband after they trans out. Not much push for men though lol wonder why.

But he's telling lesbians that no TiM is forcing them to sleep with them or other TiMs, buuutttt if you did get hate for being a lesbian- it's your fault because you were "rude."

I feel like "rude" would equal eventually answering "because you're not female" after 40 iterations of "but why not tho" in response to "I'm not attracted to you"

We're you on Reddit when Pansexuals split the Bisexual Community in half?

There was r-true Lesbians.

Then r- True Bisexuals.

Pansexuals would brigade True Bisexuals Everyday. Because just like True Lesbians didn't allow TIMs, TB didn't all TIPs.

That's the hill that we all died on. There was also True Gay Men. All the Trues, all GC, r- NotActuallyaLesbian, Radical Feminism got purged

No lesbian likes dick.

You're a man.

I'll be as mean to a wannabe rapist as I like.

Fuck off.

Go suck another pervert's girlcock.

They call themselves women and expect to be coddled like men. Guess what, when we're rejected, men are usually blunt and vocal about it, they love to tell women why they don't find us sexually attractive. They even do that shit when we don't interact with them, but still want us to know they think we're ugly. TIMs and their fragile egos have no idea.

They call themselves women and expect to be coddled like men.


“Part men”

Nah mate, you’re full men, albeit delusional, hormonally altered men. Oh, and lesbians don’t want you. Ever.

Policing a woman's sexual boundaries and the way she's "allowed" to express them (if at all) is rape culture. Period.

Image Transcription: Tweets

Minerva Professional manager..., @ doubleca5t

concerned about the # of very young radfems I see on tumblr so I would like to say, on behalf of trans sapphics everywhere, Cis Lesbians: it is ok if you don't wanna have sex with someone with a penis. We never said that was transphobic, just don't be rude to trans girls about it

Minerva Professional manager..., @ doubleca5t

The only reason people get shit for saying they don't like dick is because they either

A) ARE rude to trans girls about it

B) imply that trans girls are "part man"

C) try to speak for ALL lesbians in not liking dick

But having a preference is not an issue in and of itself

It's easy to say "don't be rude" but that all depends what you mean by rude, doesn't it?

Since apparently calling someone the "wrong" pronoun is now literal genocide, god only knows what they think rudeness looks like.

I'm sorry they missed the opportunity to say, "just don't be a dick about it."

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A. Rude? It is beyond rude - all the way to creepy and rapey, for any of these men to even approach a lesbian for dating/sex. So what are they calling rude?

Creepy rapey man hits on lesbian. Lesbian: No. Still no. You're not entitled to know why. No - under any circumstances - no. Don't even bother asking. The answer will always be no.

If they never ask, we wouldn't have to be "rude" and say no.

B. The men they call "trans girls" are men. Unequivocally. We are not implying it. We know it. The whole world knows it. These guys are men no matter how they "feel" or "identify", or what they do (or not) to their bodies.

C. NO lesbian wants dick - ever. We don't even want it if it has been mutilated into a surgical cavity. Born with a dick = you are male and no lesbian will ever want you.

Exactly. "Genital preferences" would never have become a talking point if TiMs (especially) and TiFs didn't have epic trantrums when they were rejected for sex.

If you demand that someone explain in detail why they don't want to have sex with you, don't do shocked Pikachu face when they tell you why they don't think you're sexually attractive.

You'd think people who complain about chasers so much might understand that it's "rude" to pester someone for sex they clearly don't want.

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