All these commenters have it wrong. Reddit isn't "progressive" or "far-right," it's just super male. Obsessive, argumentative, pedantic, reactionary--these are traits that I find in both progressive and conservative majority-male spaces. I'm not saying that men are like this, I'm just saying that in places where men congregate, especially online, I've found this to be true.

Not all men, but definitely those men

Reddit is a scrote magnet

I have a coworker I just met who told me her boyfriend get his ‘news’ from Reddit. I figured it as a red flag.

Sure enough, they’ve been in town 8 months and he hasn’t found a job yet….

[–] Committing_Tervery alien/ufoself 👽🛸 40 points

Thank you transphobes. I hate being trans so much because of you.

That’s a self-made problem. It’s easy to fix. Stop being trans.

What happens when these people face real adversity?

Not the ‘failure to adequately grovel and simp’

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 10 points

They never do.

How about when he catches mom lovingly and transphobically gazing at his old baby pictures?

How she refused to aemd them to that service where baby/childhood pics can be ‘correctly gendered’. Ie history erased so your picture of you at Tball at 3 is defaced and turned into a ballet studio

[–] ArmedFemme 🪖🎖️ 31 points

Wait until he finds out how biological females are treated on Reddit.

For real. You'd think all this "discrimination" would give him euphoria. Instead he's seething because strangers aren't showering him with as much adulation as he feels he deserves. Classic scrote.

Lol yup. Get a new alt and say ‘as a cis woman’ and see how invalid ya are

[–] Genevieve 25 points Edited

Not pro-trans enough?? The western world has bent over backwards for them and their chosen identities, but the fact that they don't have complete subservience makes every single space they choose to intrude on not "pro-trans enough".

Pathetic narcissist. GOOD. I'm humored that you feel "terrified" over web pages in a browser that you can just easily click the x on so you can leave the "scary" situation. Goodness, they're babies, aren't they?

Women are thrown rape and death threats when they say they don't want to have sex with males, or when they push back against abuse, or when they say they want female only spaces due to male violence, or just for merely existing... but oh no this poor man is reading stuff he doesn't like. OH THE HUMANITY.

Not just reading things he doesn't like, purposely seeking them out to read. That's the kicker for me! No one is sending him unwanted or threatening messages-- he's out there seeking these things out, finds them, and is then "terrified" that people he doesn't know, hasn't ever had contact with/will never have contact with, are having private conversations, and they're "less than favorable" about his chosen identity. Like??? I can't lol

Great point! It's like he's purposely seeking out "wrongthink" so he can complain to his buddies about how oppressed he is. I've seen some TIMs state that they read Ovarit as a form of "self harm" (again, how ridiculous) - so they're coming into our space solely so they can feel oppressed. Disgusting.

[–] GCRadFem 27 points

No insurance, got prescribed HRT immediately and for free.

My estrogen co-pay is $48 with insurance.

Yeah, no breaks for TIMS at all.

But you take it for health reasons. Of course there’s a copay…./s

In truth, the more of them with boner dysfunction the better. I’d set a reminder so he doesn’t miss his dose

One commenter goes after the LGB

ashleigh_tease 6 points
the open hostility from the lesbian and gay community that trans folk met with is still remembered.

Way to bite the teat at which you suckle

Also, trans isn't a sexuality. It seems like some of the LGB community is trying to distance themselves now, for very good reason since the trans community is extremely homophobic, but what "open hostility" were they met with to begin with?

“I’ve been out as a TransWoman for 3 weeks and not one lesbian has made a dive for my dick. This is hostility”

[–] Itzpapalotl 22 points Edited

Maybe if you fetishistic Male perverts stop appropriating womanhood, people would like you more?

Wear what you like and do what you like to your body but STOP calling yourselves women, entering female only spaces, pretending you have anything to do with womanhood, demanding everyone cater to your delusions and fantasies. Stop policing language and beliefs of others... you are male, human males are called MEN. You are and will always be men. Leave us alone.

At this point “transphobia” is not validating every absurd claim they make. People are sick of “be kind” because it’s never good enough.

Exactly. And their insistence on self ID has caused a lot of the hate.

Is it a ‘phobia’ if they are actually violent, unstable, predators? Or is it just healthy fear at this point?

Exactly, they don’t care one bit that their presence frightens and intimidates women in our own spaces. They are entitled egomaniacs and it’s about time this whole stupid ideology died off

If they only knew how male this makes them

Other men won’t see them as men because’nail polish’

But we have been assessing men for safety reasons for decades. Sorry. Spinny skirts don't do it

I'd take it further. They like frightening and intimidating women in our spaces. That's part of the fetish.

Part of me wants Musk to buy Preddit just to burn the whole site to the ground.

Musk abused his ex wife and dumps all his wives once they produce male children. He practices selective in vitro fertilization because he only wants male offspring and when grimes was pregnant with his own child he was posting manosphere crap on Twitter. He wouldn’t burn Reddit to the ground, he’d love the misogyny on there and promote it

[–] suupersami 13 points Edited

Don’t hate being trans because of transphobes. It’s what they want. To make you detrans and hide you away in the closet. Secretly hoping that we become a part of the statistic.

So that's their next move - all detrans folks were convinced that they weren't trans by us evil TERFs.

Also the total lack of empathy and self-reflection in that thread is something else. Why would folks be uncomfortable with males in female spaces, or taking over their sports? THEY MUST BE TRANSPHOBES.

[–] Committing_Tervery alien/ufoself 👽🛸 14 points

I honestly have never heard of anyone detransing because of “transphobes.” It’s always (1) realizing that trans ideology is sexist bullshit, (2) having health issues, or (3) both.

I saw a heartbreaking post where a boy (who was either 16 or 17) mentioned that he decided to stop HRT (which he had been on for five years) because he wasn't trans, he was just ashamed of being gay. A TIM in the comment immediately started on with the "No - you're wrong! It was the TERFs who made you feel like you weren't a woman", and then proceeded to throw in some homophobic remarks.

I’m becoming an actual transphobe. TW are unstable and deluded males, usually with some sorts of weird perversion. Boundary adverse to be sure

It not “phobic” to see aggressive woman-haters for what they are. In fact, willfully suppressing our inborn threat detectors goes directly against self-preservation.

They are more likely to have mental health issues and as a group are more dangerous than non-delusional males

They keep moving the goalposts on what constitutes a "transphobe" that they probably believe 99% of non-trans people are transphobic.

But, yeah, their lack of respecting boundaries and authoritative demands are causing a lot of people to feel uncomfortable and critical of them.

“Listen to trans people”

Yeah. That’s how I got here

You’ll want a code soon enough

All this is partly because no real conversations or debates have been allowed, and everything other but kissing the hem of the TRAs has been framed as transphobia and anti-trans. So the concerns we have about what is happening might not even be known to the people in that thread. Or at least to all of them.

Besides, there are rights transgender people do deserve (freedom from harassment and assault, freedom from discrimination at work or in education), and I believe most here are for those rights. But we are not happy with the authoritarian takeover of the language feminism needs or the forced rebranding of our own genders. Since we can't talk about those issues, they don't know what terfery might actually be all about.

That's very true. They (especially the younger ones) have been told that transitioning is righteous and borderline holy, and that any pushback is a form of hatred against them. So that's a great point that they might just be totally ignorant to why others feel uncomfortable around them.

I also agree with your second statement - they seem totally unable to separate basic human rights from resistance to their intrusion on feminism and women as a sex class. Opinion = Facts seems to be a cornerstone of the TRA movement, and those caught within the cycle probably don't have the insight necessary to break free of that. It's almost cultlike in that respect (among other attributes the movement shares with cults, such as "exiling" and vilification of detrans people).

At the same time they insist that they belong in women's spaces because they are uncomfortable sharing spaces with other males, yet act incredulous if women are uncomfortable with exactly the same thing. It's himpathy, plain and simple.

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 8 points

If he thinks Preddit of all places isn’t pro-trans enough, I’d like to see him blame Barfbinn et al for it and see how far he gets.