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Oh, that page is nuts. It was something I showed to friends to prove I was not exaggerating things; the new atheist/skeptical movement had gone crazy and embraced a bizarre religion.

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Though, since we're here-- recently read the transcription of the '4 horsemen' discussion between dawkins, dennett, harris and hitchens, who are a lot smarter than the guys who want to be them. It goes off the rails toward the end and I have a whoooole bunch of criticisms that I can't be bothered to type up now (and which others have already covered, am sure), BUT a lot of the stuff early on describes the dynamics of transactivism perfectly. The talk should be up all over the internet; may try to find some timings at some point, because it would be quite funny to send the clips to the dudes who are currently calling themselves skeptics while supporting the view that people should believe anything they're told, without question, no matter how implausible.

EDIT: There's a bit where Dennett expresses a wish for religion to become as free to criticise as the pharmaceutical industry. Clearly he will now have to embrace some form of superstition, because I think a demon must have heard his wish and granted it in the dodgiest way possible, by making the behaviour of the pharmaceutical industry uncriticisable too. Do not question cross-sex hormones or puberty blockers; these are numbered among the sacraments.

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Despite being utterly horrible to trans people, many TERFs are remarkably level-headed when it comes to other issues.

Gee. Isn't that something. I wonder why?

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I love how often criticisms of ‘terf ideology’ are about how reasonable our arguments are.

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Do not cast thine eyes upon the terfish writings, for its logick will weave a spell upon thee and turn thee to wicked tervenry. Thou shalt block and stay safe, lest thou are seduced by terven tongues.

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I don’t support most orgs that identify as “for skeptics”, despite being non-religious myself. They’re always infected with some sort of ideological bias that makes them really unreliable, and ironically their belief systems tend to skew pretty extreme. The common thread is how anti-feminist it all is. About 10-15 years ago the “skeptic” community was bizarrely right wing, and now they’re leaning in hard with the woke misogyny.

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This is what I find so ironic about contrapoints. Liberals accredit him for being so "rational" that's he's able to deradicalize 4chan incels en masse, when all he's doing is switching their badge from "blatant misogynist" to "woke misogynist". His videos boil down to "are you tired of being the bad guy but still want to hate women? Try new and improved trans ideology!" No one even questions the frequent "I used to think rape is funny but you're so rational you've converted me" comments under his youtube videos. Why don't liberals find it even a little bit suspicious that his videos attract swaths of incels?

[–] Calico 8 points (+8|-0) Edited

Didn’t he used to be a video content creator when presenting as male before this new relaunch of his image? The small bit of digging I’ve done into his history suggests he was previously kind of a fedora-tipping style atheist himself for a while, and there’s allegations from people who knew him that he’s a gay/bi man from a conservative background in severe denial.

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He used to present as a crossdresser/enby (think: gaudy fake pearls, bodycon dresses, stripper heels) when he first started on youtube. I don't know if it's from one of his pre-transition videos that he took down, or a post-transition video that's still up, but he's admitted that he was anti-feminist well into his twenties. Only when he started balding and realized that he got off dressing as a woman did his misogyny "magically dissipate". Wearing make up and dresses has really put women's oppression into perspective for him /s.

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I never even watched a contrapoints videos because they were recommended to me by an enby serial stalker that claimed "enbyphobia" when some girl didn't suck his non binary dick, I immediately thought mmm if this person likes that content, the content is probably crap

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The only value of watching his videos is the plethora of logical fallacies. You could teach an entire class on every fallacy, pulling examples solely from his videos. So much for that fancy philosophy degree.

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Wow we’re genocidal now? xD must have missed the memo

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I feel like no one knows what a TERF actually is unless they are a TERF.

Sort of like...no one knows what it's like to be a woman unless they are a woman.

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Not validating TiMs is basically erasing them from existence. We must not be invalidating them hard enough, because they’re all quite alive and well.

[–] mycelium 9 points (+9|-0) Edited

Wooow, are they seriously suggesting that "cis" women are more irrational than trans women? That's a very transphobic microaggression. I'll have you know that many trans women have exhibited signs of irrationality since adolescence - it's one of the signs that you're actually a woman. Estrogen HRT naturally brings out the abundance of irrationality embedded in the pink brains of trans women, so how dare they insinuate that trans women are more rational than "cis" women? Trans women are actually better at being irrational than "cis" women! /s

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I can't still grasp how it is so difficult to understand what GC feminist stand for. Like, i am absolutely not brilliant in anything to do with feminism and I got the concept immediately. Surely folks who claimed to be knowledgeable about feminism should also get it ? A women is an adult female human. Is it that difficult?

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What I find really fascinating is the way almost every single sentence is wrong in such an impressive number of ways.

this particular group of radfems have been roundly rejected by nearly every demographic they claim to represent, including, but not limited to, women of color, sex workers, kinksters, virtually all male allies

Because obviously, men rejecting feminism definitely proves that feminism is wrong and useless.

And when did we claim to represent "kinksters"?

That denying the right of a targeted minority to exist in society is essentially the dictionary definition of the term genocidalism ... does not appear to disturb TERFs in the least.

Which dictionary is that exactly? Also, citation very much needed on the part where we deny anyone "the right to exist in society".

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True, the article is factious in all paragraphs.

Example: "terf is a slur is a dogwhistle because it is true that they are radical feminists who exclude trans women in their group". Okay, too bad that terf is commonly used as an insult, even if you aren't a radical feminist or a woman...

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So they colonized the Rational Wiki, uh? How sad, it taught me many religious logical fallacies :(