Emma Watson is 32 and still speaks with the self-righteous zeal of a teenager. Money can’t buy wisdom.

30 is the new 18.

I know this is a joke, but it feels true. I think part of the reason is people are staying at university longer than ever and don't reach the "real" world until much older ages than in the past. They're highly educated (debatable) but have very little real world experience, the kind that people used to get in their late teens and 20s.

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They're highly educated (debatable)

Maybe there are universities out there that are actually educating students. But my god. 4th year students OFTEN can't participate as adults in group work, they often appear to have the writing skills of a child (like, pre-high school)... and I've been through university in recent years. We're being taught jack shit. I hope to god this is different in STEM, but I really don't have much faith in that.

And even worse, students and graduates will defend their education quality. They honest to god think that regurgitating random factoids about x topic is quality education. Despite the fact that they are NEVER asked to think for themselves.

the only thing I know for certain, is that E.W. is not a feminist.

Ffs. Just goes to show that money and education doesn’t = intelligence.

This woman is ridiculous, and about as “feminist” as Nicola Sturgeon or Laurie Penny. Pathetic.

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I know these types. It comes from having a level of privilege where you have never had to set foot in a women's shelter or community centre so you are completely out of touch with the real world. They think activism is just saying the right words with the right hashtags.

Add in that these are the sort of women who are smart enough to regurgitate material they learn at an undergraduate level, but are completely incapable of creating an original thought. So they just parrot whatever is the latest bullshit.

Empty, vapid, shallow, and stupid.

She seems opportunist tbh. She is not stupid and knows what her brand is, she must know that ancient scrotes were lusting over her like rabid dogs when she was still underage. But those men don't like women who talk about the awful things men do. They want the fun cool girl, they want to imagine if she knew them she'd totally have sex with them. She's just protecting her brand.

Also, she is now too old to appeal to those pedophiles anymore.

I am asking you to make yourselves enemies of male dominance, be­cause it has to be destroyed for the crime of prostitution to end—the crime against the woman, the human rights crime of prostitution: and everything else is beside the point, a lie, an excuse, an apology, a justifi­cation, and all the abstract words are lies, justice, liberty, equality, they are lies. As long as women are being prostituted they are lies. You can tell the lie and in this institution you will be taught how to tell the lie; or you can use your lives to dismantle the system that creates and then protects this abuse. You, a well-trained person, can stand with the abuser or with the rebel, the resister, the revolutionary. You can stand with the sister he is doing it to; and if you are very brave you can try to stand between them so that he has to get through you to get to her. That, by the way, is the meaning of the often misused word choice. These are choices. I am asking you to make a choice.

Andrea Dworkin, Life and Death: Unapologetic Writings on the Continuing War Against Women (1997)

EW made her choice back in 2014, and again in 2020, of telling the lie, of upholding male dominance, upholding the system that creates and then protects abuse, of standing with the abuser. Explains why she keeps turning up like a fucking bad penny everywhere.

LMAOOOOO I thought you were quoting Emma Watson and my brain went, "wait she's surprisingly based, sounds exactly like Dworkin"

HAhahah imagine EW saying something like that... Was just trying to compare and contrast. real feminism is about making yourselves enemies of male dominance, and when you do, men slur you and try to discredit you as 'man-haters' or 'feminazis' or 'terfs' or 'swerfs'. That's how you know you're actually fucking doing something and doing it right.

EW 'feminism' is about making sure men don't think you hate them. what a joke

Why does anyone listen to Emma Watson speaking about feminism...at all?

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Same woman who spoke out against JKR for making gender critical statements and defended TIMs. Color me surprised. 🙄

And she is saying this in a time when all women in the U.S. are about to lose abortion rights. She's couldn't be more tone-deaf if she tried.

Um, no. It is fifghting for the right to own a house on your own, to have credit, on your own, to have agency over your own body. Nothing about these things excludes men, or indicates "hatred" of men. It is gaining rights that men have, yes, but that does not diminsh their rights, or them, in any way.

Also? Fuck you. Use your platform for good, not this shit.

Who cares about male violence when there are women guilty of wrongthink? She needs to have the correct feelings about the abuse before the abuse deserves to be addressed.

FFS, you just want to look her in the face and say "Oh dear, bless your little heart."

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