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My mom has periodic IBS. She's had a hysterectomy. Is this a period? She gets cramping and bloating and abdominal pain. It makes her emotional.

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It's so enraging. Flo used to be pretty good about trying to educate women about our own bodies (before they started hiding all of that behind a paywall), now they're allowing these dudes to come in and spread misinformation so they can play pretend they're female too? Dude is experiencing serious abdominal pains, he needs to see a doctor about it, not call it 'cramping;' menstrual cramping is the uterus contracting, if you don't have a uterus, it isn't that.

Edited to add: Also, god, the stupidity of 'period means this, so if you squint, he could be correct!' As if the word 'period' hasn't been used as a longstanding euphemism for the menstruation part of women's fertility cycle, and as if that isn't the exact thing this app exists to track.

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Dude is experiencing serious abdominal pains

I would legit bet my entire house he is experiencing NOTHING.

These people are liars, they can only lie. If I asked a TIM if it was raining and he said no, I'd grab an umbrella.

Also very likely. Don't trust these dudes further than I can throw them, and I don't have the core strength to throw whole-ass men. Off chance he isn't lying about experiencing abdominal pain, though, he still isn't having a period. Because he's a man.

One of the comments straight up says that uteruses don't cause 'the phenomenon' in question, which I take to be periods. So uteruses have nothing to do with bleeding? Nothing to do with cramping? Nothing to do with pain? How convenient that the part they simply cannot appropriate does 'nothing' whereas the purchased hormones they inject are the cause of periods.

Next they will be saying their “periods” are much worse than ours and how privileged we are because of it

The FTC filed a complaint against Flo last year, “alleging that it shared millions of users’ data about their menstruation, fertility and pregnancies with the analytics and marketing teams of third-party companies including Google and Facebook — all the while, promising users their data would be kept private.”

There were allegations that Facebook used this to target ads to women depending on what point they were in their cycle. AFAIK, Clue is a better option.



The side effects of estrogen in a male body does not equate to periods. These folks are dangerously delusional.

Hilarious that women are deleting their period apps now and soon all the data collected through these apps will be about delusional men. Unfortunately, it will likely affect our medical care but it is always a little funny to me when they turn a women's space into a mens space on accident. Insert the cartoon of all the wolves realizing that the sheep are all other wolves.

The person that said men have hormonal cycles as well is correct, and is also correct that learning more about them would probably help men significantly. What doesn't help men is pretending they are the same cycles as women or they are “periods.” Hurting your own cause dude.

Men’s hormonal cycles are 24hrs. 24hrs compared to 28+/- days is fascinating! Of course, when you throw a bunch of wrong sex hormones into the mix, things are gonna go crazy and you will probably have symptoms like irritability and pain. That’s not your body playing pretend menstruation, that’s your body desperately trying to regulate itself despite you poisoning it! The lack of education and respect for their bodies blows my mind.

And yeah, I’m worried for the future when all our period data comes from slimy TIMs shitting their pants :/

The pretzel thinking and mental convultion they invent to help them with their imaginary change of sex...!! Poor sods, they are not women...they have no periods, menstruation or anything else you want to call it. Die mad, assholes.