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It's so enraging. Flo used to be pretty good about trying to educate women about our own bodies (before they started hiding all of that behind a paywall), now they're allowing these dudes to come in and spread misinformation so they can play pretend they're female too? Dude is experiencing serious abdominal pains, he needs to see a doctor about it, not call it 'cramping;' menstrual cramping is the uterus contracting, if you don't have a uterus, it isn't that.

Edited to add: Also, god, the stupidity of 'period means this, so if you squint, he could be correct!' As if the word 'period' hasn't been used as a longstanding euphemism for the menstruation part of women's fertility cycle, and as if that isn't the exact thing this app exists to track.

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Dude is experiencing serious abdominal pains

I would legit bet my entire house he is experiencing NOTHING.

These people are liars, they can only lie. If I asked a TIM if it was raining and he said no, I'd grab an umbrella.

Also very likely. Don't trust these dudes further than I can throw them, and I don't have the core strength to throw whole-ass men. Off chance he isn't lying about experiencing abdominal pain, though, he still isn't having a period. Because he's a man.