Hilarious that women are deleting their period apps now and soon all the data collected through these apps will be about delusional men. Unfortunately, it will likely affect our medical care but it is always a little funny to me when they turn a women's space into a mens space on accident. Insert the cartoon of all the wolves realizing that the sheep are all other wolves.

The person that said men have hormonal cycles as well is correct, and is also correct that learning more about them would probably help men significantly. What doesn't help men is pretending they are the same cycles as women or they are “periods.” Hurting your own cause dude.

Men’s hormonal cycles are 24hrs. 24hrs compared to 28+/- days is fascinating! Of course, when you throw a bunch of wrong sex hormones into the mix, things are gonna go crazy and you will probably have symptoms like irritability and pain. That’s not your body playing pretend menstruation, that’s your body desperately trying to regulate itself despite you poisoning it! The lack of education and respect for their bodies blows my mind.

And yeah, I’m worried for the future when all our period data comes from slimy TIMs shitting their pants :/