Or, a "girl." With a dainty princess tiara and butterfly decor all around. Uh..... nope.

There is no way in hell a rational person is going to accept this person's delusions, or let them anywhere near their kids.

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That male facial structure and 5 o’clock shadow is fooling nobody.

Wtf do butterflies have to do with the pride flag?!? Omg, they might as well put a p**p emoji, McDonald’s logo, and Shrek on it by this point.

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To my knowledge, it’s supposed to symbolize “transformation” from a chrysalis to a butterfly, like how TIM’s go from normal scrote to greasy spinny scrote.

Butterflies are often pedo code images.

Why do they have to ruin all the cool things. Butterflies, unicorns, mermaids, rainbows. All pedo/TRA symbols co-opted to mean weird. The swastika used to be a symbol of universal connectedness in nature. The worst people just come in like a wrecking ball and fuck everything up.

He... "metamorphosized," you see. Before you know it there'll be a remake of The Fly where the scientific monstrosity is celebrated for being so stunning and brave.

Image Transcription: Twitter

Eve the Sandwich Pope.esm, @ SandwichPope

A girl, her tiara and her flag 💜 🦋

[A photograph of a white man with shoulder-length brown-blond hair, wearing a red shirt and a tiara. He is sitting in front of an LGBT flag with the trans and PoC triangle included and additional white butterflies.]