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Clownfish (and other hermaphroditic fishes) do not have sex chromosomes like mammals do. Their bodies have a natural (seemingly poorly-understood) hormonal mechanism that turns male gonads into female gonads. Humans have nothing like this at all; there is no combination of hormones, natural or artificial, that will turn testes into ovaries.

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thunks head Girls are born with all the eggs they'll ever have in their lifetime, numbnuts. The "same body at different stages in its lifespan" started with the same initial count of ova.

Clownfish are male and THEN change to become female. It's not the same process at all. This is such a mind numbingly stupid take...

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Bruh, please keep using this argument. Saying that humans and fish are basically the same thing will lead everyone to the peak of Trans Mountain.

Because when transes believe this, you have to start wondering how much of their other ideas are bullshit too.

Seriously, why the fuck are they comparing humans to fish??

This is such broad speaking terms as well. Humans also have blood. Snakes have blood. Humans aren't that far removed from snakes really.

These are the same people who think that penises are basically identical to clitorises so I wouldn't give them that much credit

I have no clue who this woman is but: "Fed Up Cassandra"? In reverse, perhaps. She would not be able to predict the future if she tripped on it.

I wonder whether she's a person of her word and will start going to the vet now for all her medical needs.

Isn't that just the Jordan Peterson argument but with less lobster claws?

Humans can swim. Just like fish so that means humans arent that far removed from fish.