Please, please tell me this is a joke.

No, just a smug asshole who thinks he can give away women's rights while telling women to stuff it.

"Life is not fair", so suck it up women.

Yeah, that stood out to me, too. This genderist ideologue male author was ever-so-concerned about female-identifying males being ostracized from women's sports, but the "Life isn't fair" adage wasn't raised then. He didn't suggest that THESE males gain a stiff upper lip.

It's only when he acknowledges that female-identifying male athletes who have gone through male puberty have advantages over female athletes that the "Life isn't fair (so, suck it up, female athletes!)" card is played.

Funny how certain male pundits are able to so easily identify WITH female-identifying MALE athletes, but then have such a difficult time identifying WITH female athletes themselves.

Hmmm...wonder why that is? 🤔

Oh, good, now that I have finally read his opinion, I can sleep soundly. I don' t know how I managed to survive until now without knowing what this guy thinks on the matter.

His academic work is in philosophy...just uber qualified to speak about sports and biology /s

Transactivist says to just accept the participation trophies, ladies....

Yeah...suck it up, female athletes. Learn how to only be happy sidelined cheerleaders for fucking female-identifying male athletes in what was once your own female sex-segregated sports.