Menopause is a specifically feminine experience, sis.

And the hirsute-ness? The amount of hair that women pluck, tweeze, wax, thread, shave, sugar--think of all the time and money spent on it. We are already hairy. It's a global pretense that we're not.

Since the word "feminine" has so many connotations of cultural stereotypes, I think it's more accurate to say that menopause is a specifically female experience.

I find that lots of innately female experiences don't track at all with what most people would call "feminine."

Her response to Emma:

A biologist denies that the menopause exists.

...what? how can someone be this dumb

lolol I just saw someone say "Just because it's called the MENopause doesn't mean we've turned into men." - Sian_J247 😂

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so women with severe PCOS are like men? this shit again?

The trans takeover and banning of the words "female/woman" on r/PCOS is what peaked my mum. I was diagnosed at 15 and she has seen the struggle it's been to get treatment and to live with the condition.
I made an ovarian health sub for those who wanted to leave and it gained popularity then was banned.
That was the final straw for her.
She saw the gleeful posts by transwomen on r/PCOS, and the reveal that all the new mods were transwomen too and she was fully peaked and disgusted by the male entitlement.
Before then she had been concerned I was a transphobe for not wanting TIMs in womens spaces but, as with most women, once she realised they were barging into EVERY women's space she was horrified at the implications for women.
This is the thing. Each "victory" they get peaks a fresh handful of people, and once you peak, you peak for good.

are some of the mods on r/PCOS TW? i knew there was major censorship there but i had no idea about the mods.

i am glad your mum has peaked. mine peaked with the whole prison thing, “front holes” and over 7 of her past students are now transgender (3 of them are autistic) despite the fact we live in a tiny community.

During that initial takeover they introduced 2 new mods, one was a man the other a transwoman. The original mod was an inactive account.
People pointed out that in a female health sub there were no female mods.
My "never heard of reddit" mum heard me complaining, asked for a link, and went and sat refreshing the discussion thread watching women's confused questions getting deleted and banned.
She'd never used reddit before or since, but by the end of the night she was sending me screenshots, and by the next day she was sending me GC thoughtpieces about the trans invasion of womens health forums.
I'm lucky to come from a family of strong women, and all bar my sister have peaked fully.
So nice being able to talk to people IRL, especially your mum, about this stuff - right?
Dont know what I'd do otherwise.

Huh, I’ll have to contact the hospital. When they took my uterus and ovaries, they forgot to send me home with male privilege.

Lots of women develop random bits of facial hair - hormones are complicated - and it’s deeply embarrassing and upsetting to be told you’re then a man!!

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Menopause occurs when ovarian function diminishes to the point where women no longer ovulate, menstruate and can conceive. It doesn't turn our ovaries into testes. Nor does it mean we start growing testicles, either.

All of this desperate nonsense instead of admitting that GC are correct, you can only pretend to change sex with extensive surgery, costuming and make-up, elaborate rhetorical devices and extensive gaslighting.

Truly, a remarkable discovery. Femalehood only exists when we're reproductively viable and when men get to live in their fantasies.

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