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While I am not usually a supporter of transition, I gotta agree with the comment.

Trans people used to make an effort to actually pass and fully transition, in order to be treated by society the way they want. This current gen of trans people feel entitled to all of the treatment without putting in any of the work.

nah I actually appreciate the current gen more. at least they're not larping in womanbody and obfuscating reality

it's easy to see why they shouldn't be allowed in women's spaces, and no one normal would disagree with that. the ifs and buts and whens come in more and more with the other people.

it doesn't matter one iota how much "work" you put in to your full-time misogyny fetish parody. it's all equal levels of male entitlement.

and they're not "trans people". they are all just men who demand we pretend they're women.

Couldn’t agree more. Trans means nothing, they’re not some special category of people, just entitled and delusional enough to demand society plays make believe with them.

On the other hand, each is equally as much a woman as the other...in that neither are women.

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From a logical standpoint the low effort ones are smarter. Both will never be a woman so why go through all that effort just to still never be a woman?

It is a much more efficient path to the same endpoint, being a man claiming to be a woman.

This is good - let it happen! The more they don’t change anything at all and still claim they’re women, the more they will peak the general public about their fairy games

I thought women could look like anything and there is no right way to be a woman 🤡

🤡 is right.. that emoji was made for them

i mean if you're going to form a misogynistic homophobic cult and enshrine it in law, at least have the decency to make some of the 'logic' coherent? but no. this is why i'm convinced the idiot normies who are going along with it are genuinely morons or just misogynistic/homophobic themselves, and finally have an excuse to publicly express it (and be applauded for it)

I hope the top one is trolling, but there are too many like these who do believe it.

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Life isn't fair, isn't that what TRAs say when people argue in favor of fairness in sports for women? 🤷‍♀️

from Nig Heke on Gettr

He is great!!! Do not follow him on telegram!!! NSFW videos. I am still disturbed by the video I saw the other day.

Ikrrrrr when he was banned off twitter for like the fourth time, I downloaded telegram to check it out and 🤮 instant regret needed copious eye bleach application

I saw a p0rn of a barie doll with anatomy correct lady parts being penetrated. Totally freaked me out. I wish I could unsee it.

Sharing something like that unblurred to say it is wrong is no different than showing that thing because you like it.

When Alix the gendermapper was talking about the horrible gross p0rn that Buck Angel does, everything was blurred. Granted it was on youtube, but there is a way to talk about p0rn being wrong. And that way is to not show the gross act.

Telegram uninstalled