I had a microscopic speck of hope that it was going to be a horror about the conversion therapy of same-sex attracted youth by way of "transition", because that shit is completely terrifying (and yet celebrated in qweer circles for some reason??? 🀑 ) but nope, looks like it's just more TQIA+++ nonsense.

Um ''they'' would be super simple to beat, simply misgender ''them'' lmao

A horror film (or TV show) set in a queer/trans conversion camp apparently.


i just..... let me off this 🀑🌎

conversion camp for theythems... what a fucking homophobic insult

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Here is an article with a brief description and a list of the cast (+ their pronouns)

edit: https://bloody-disgusting.com/movie/3714796/first-look-at-peacocks-they-them-introduces-kevin-bacon-and-cast-of-conversion-camp-slasher/

Thank god they told me Kevin Bacons pronouns. It’s not as if decades of being a public figure has established it or anything.

"Them" is a classic black and white Sci/Fi film about giant horrific ants living in the concrete storm drains of the Los Angeles "river," picking off and devouring hapless human beings from time to time.

I'd love to see a parody of this movie titled "They/Them" about young woke ideologues who are hired at entertainment companies and media outlets in Southern California, and who then go on to metaphorically "eat" (drive out) more rational, common sensical senior employees with GC views. But, of course, there'd be a happy ending...finally, retired managers are brought back to rescue the companies which are going broke due to the wokesters' antics, and the managers fire them all in one fell swoop.

And, the final scene could be a homage to the original Sci-Fi flick: the fired, forlorn woke employees are seen one last time entering and setting up residence in the storm drains of L.A.

An interesting variation on this idea...the movie opens with images of ants infected by a weird fungus...orphiocordeceps unilateralis (which actually exists). This fungus is ingested by the ants as spores, causing them to behave in erratic ways (again, this actually happens).

Eventually, the fungus erupts from their head as a spikey fruiting body, which, of course, causes their demise.

Don't wish to depict anyone as meeting their death in a film due to ingesting fungus spores (there's horror films, and then there's HORROR films), but after initially introducing the concept of the spores, the scene could switch to woke young people obsessively watching Tic Toc videos...kind of the modern analogy for the spores taking over the consciousness of living creatures, and forcing them to become instruments of their will and interests.