Dear Students: Learn to spell, learn grammar, learn to proofread, and learn your fucking place.

This must be a few years old though, given the asterisk, which used to be a requirement before they decided it was transphobic.

I think it was 2017, on an American uni campus (san francisco state university).

given the asterisk, which used to be a requirement before they decided it was transphobic.

oh really? do you know what it meant originally, and why they decided it was phobic?

The asterisk was supposed to be like a wild card character in searches (I believe this was invented by a trans male in tech, lol) to indicate anything potentially after it-- i.e. trans...sexual, trans... gender, trans...vestite. This was in the late 2000s, early 2010s, when there were still arguments about whether transsexual/transgender should be the default term (as transgender was more recently coined and still indicated people who didn't necessarily want to fully transition or had more of a political, transgressive perspective on gender). The idea was that trans* would integrate all of those people into one community.

It got dropped because it was annoying to write and annoying for trans people themselves to get cancelled over a punctuation mark. I guess the justification was something like that it implied anybody needed including in a community that was already theirs so it was very transphobique to vaguely imply that some subgroup of trans people was considered "less real" through attempting to include them (lol). Their internal politics always tells on itself

trans...sexual, trans... gender, trans...vestite

I thought the wild card was for 'trans woman', 'trans man', etc.

They honestly think they’re reinventing their entire being and erasing their pasts with every name change.

Generally, usage of an alias would indicate that you’re headed down a dark path.

They're so dramatic.

Why not just let the professor know you have a "nickname" that you prefer and be done with it? Or is that just not as good for garnering attention?

These kids don’t belong at universities. They need to move out of mom’s basement and see therapists first. Academic studies isn’t for every nitwit who wants it handed to them. It’s supposed to be rigorous and challenge you intellectually, which usually challenges you mentally and emotionally.

So change the name on file with the college? Seems easier than whiny attention seeking with a flyer.

Most modern college (and even job) applications allow you to input a nickname if you want. You probably wouldn't need to change it in the first place if the system uses the nickname.

This is dumb.. so the prof hands round a sheet and gets back a few names which arent registered on the course.
Professor then STILL has to confirm your actual identity.
Or is writing your "deadname" in brackets beside your 🌸🌠FaNtAsY cHaRaCtEr🌠🌸 name less triggering than just, I dont know, confirming with the professor verbally in that first day that you have a preferred name?

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Proof they are playing a ‘role’, as in larping. Honestly, what happens when the bad actors change their name and pretend gender every week/month/ quarter etc?

What's the aterisk after trans for? There's no note at the bottom or anything...


"*we're entitled af little shits"?

It means: something-something-blah-blah-i-did-postmodern-module-but-didn't-really-understand-it-but-think-i-did.

Or, in their own words;

While it’s white queer and trans people assigned female at birth who started the asterisk, it’s also white queer and trans people assigned female at birth who are at the front lines of critiquing the use of the asterisk, including the use among trans people of color, trans women, and nonbinary people who use it to describe themselves. The call-out culture prevalent online is something that does solidly contribute to the oppression of some of the most marginalized members of our community by privileging access to the most up-to-date theoretical work around what it means to be trans over actual trans experiences.

In the end, we decided to stop our use of the asterisk because of how unnecessary and inaccessible it is and its common application as a tool of binarism and silencing trans women.

privileging access to the most up-to-date theoretical work

This part made me laugh out loud. They are sheeple who follow the groupthink on reddit and twitter. But they try to make it sound like social media trends are coming from academia and based on some sort of actual science. The term "trans*" is a fad not a ground-breaking discovery.

The stupid hurts so much.

Well done for making any sense out of that word salad of a paragraph. I had to read it several times and gave up, but with your help I think I get that one phrase at least:

"Stop oppressing trans people with your "facts" and your "studies" and your "science". Check your privilege, academic-people-with-some-actual-knowledge. We know the truth because.... twitter and tiktok. Oh you think that might not be objective do you? Well nur-nur-nur I'm putting my fingers in my ears nur-nur-nur"

Is a maiden name a deadname? Are you deadnaming a woman if you don't address her by her married surname? It's associated with her old identity.

Plus, they say 'trans widows' aren't widows bc their partner isn't dead, and to just get over all the horrific abuse because it's just divorce, but then they say 'deadname' as in saying that the 'old them' did die. They can't even be consistent in one fucking thing

what a ridiculous cult

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