Women's literal existence is antithetical to transgenderism. Women and transgenderism cannot coexist.

Either women exist and transgenderism doesn’t, or transgenderism exists and women don’t. …..I’m going to take my chances on women existing, based on y’know, reality, and 1.2 billion years of evolutionary history.

legally, though, women don't exist in canada in many instances. fun times.

In what instances do we exist?

It’s my understanding we’re obligated to “self identify” & tick the exact same boxes an incel wearing lipstick would tick.

We all have a strongly felt gender identity that allows us to check a box. Everyone has a gender identity, don't you know.

And women are socialised to always try and get along and be inclusive to everyone but sometimes tough love and boundaries are needed for a reason

Cool cool cool. I would definitely removed that whiny fucker from my friends lists.

"another one of my friends is practicing casual trans exclusionary language, cool cool cool"

Honestly, when they're this much of an unrepentant buzzkill it's a miracle they have even one friend they can hissyfit about using tRaNsPhObIc language, nevermind a whole bunch of them!

I don't think they really have friends at that point, just other people they end up hanging out with because they believe the same stuff. There's not very much care or affection between the ones really deep into the cult.

I bet it's a situation where they were friends in high school and now people feel too guilty to "break up" with them because they've been "friends" for like 10+ years.

I hope this person chastises everyone they know whenever they catch them using trans exclusionary language. It's very helpful for our side when people do that.

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If International Women's Day was on October 10th, it would be X/X in Roman numerals.


which would reinforce bioessentialist rhetoric


See, I was just thinking it was a fun point, not a political stance


see, but that "fun point" would still be based off bioessentialist rhetoric. It's only funny and salient bc you're saying women's day on x/x would be serendipitous and finding that funny is...an astoundingly cis-centric way of looking at things.

Idk, when I read that I read "another one of my friends is practicing casual trans exclusionary language, cool cool cool"

What an exhaustingly whiny sack of shit. You're just big mad because you know almost all women have XX chromosomes. Is the person being biologically essentialist about women with CCSD too? 🙄

Someone pull in one of those scrotes that argue all the different chromosome conbinations are all their own sex and have them duke it out.

Seriously wondering if any of these people have picked up a biology or medical textbook in the last 10 years.

I am beginning to doubt they can even read, and everything is read to them by their in-home behavioral health assistant.

This is the old "there's a target on your forehead that you put their yourself" thing. If you go around looking for people to oppress you you will find them everywhere you freaking go and live a miserable life

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