Who the fuck calls “groomer” and “pedophile” slurs?!?! Those words are literally not fucking slurs! Those are just names to describe a criminal act and an unethical desire. Same as “murderer” isn’t a slur, it’s just a description of a person who killed someone.

You only get called groomer/ pedophile if you actively do those things that MAKE you a groomer/pedo. Slurs aren’t words to describe heinous behaviour. Pedophile and groomer are not slurs. Even if someone calls you a pedophile when you aren’t one that still isn’t a slur… it’s simply a false accusation.

  • People who have no ill intent with children shouldn't take issue with calling out pedophilia
  • Never seen a radfem call for violence against TRAs. There's one group talking about killing/punching/raping their opponents and it ain't us, chief

Funny how it's their thought process that goes straight to killing. Hmmmm.

The genocide is beginning with trans kids. genocides starts with removal of kids....looking at you Texas.

The genocide in Nazi Germany started with sterilization of people who had a mental disorder. https://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/nazi-persecution-of-the-mentally-and-physically-disabled

Right, because people who commit pedophilia are regularly put to death in western liberal democracies. How long before it becomes illegal to try to treat pedophiles because "conversion therapy ban"?

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Again... I never expected to see a whole group of people WANT, so badly, to be the victims of genocide. Gurl wut?

But I guess it makes sense, in that "victims of literal genocide" is pretty much guaranteed the gold medal in the oppression olympics.

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Idk, actual victims of literal genocide are told to shut up and listen to men in skirts.

Is “they want to kill us all” rhetoric escalating?

It’s very disturbing, because of course that’s how they justify their violence.

Nobody's blaming trans people for inflation. You're simply not that important.

This really is a religion. Like the Christians in my area, they're obsessed with being persecuted just as long as they're never actually persecuted.

Is it? I find I can live with that because pedophilia is genocide, it escalates the risk of suicide in adults.

Trans Army

Context: This is about the sudden increase of people using those words as slurs towards the LGBTQIA+ community.

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The "groomer" & "pedophile" thing are the clearest moment where I've thought "oh, wow, they really are planning on killing a lot of people eventually"


And now they're literally blaming us for inflation, countdown to Holocaust


Yep I see it too. The genocide is beginning with trans kids. genocides starts with removal of kids....looking at you Texas.