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They do it because being sweet and kind to men is the only thing women are rewarded for, no matter what the politics are.

yes i understand that, but where is the reward in this specific case? i just don't see it.... especially with clymer of all men??

I mean... just LOOK at all these replies? it's baffling

or are you saying it's just ingrained in women to automatically praise men regardless of any award since that's the only thing they get rewarded for? still.. some self-awareness wouldn't kill them, no? explicitly lying has to feel.. wrong at some point???

It’s so creepy. The replies are like complimenting a toddler on the outfit they picked out on their own. It’s not how women talk to each other about our outfits.

He's so fucking disgusting. Not a single woman on this planet would be allowed to get away with posting "goddamn, I'm gorgeous. Here's where you can get my hot sexy outfit, (but you'll never be more attractive than me teehee)" under a picture of themselves WITH ANOTHER WOMAN. You don't compliment yourself, you fucking lowlife psychopath. You compliment the woman you're with. I hate men so much.

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Lol, his tweet saying “Goddamn, I’m gorgeous.” CRINGE.

AGPs are so gross, ugh. I just know he’s getting off to all those replies.

I think women are socialized to overcompensate with flattery and kind words when in reality they sense something is off. I think that is what's happening here. All these women feel slightly uncomfortable intuitively, but that makes them feel very guilty, so they outwardly overcompensate.

Remember in Mean Girls when Regina noticed Cady's handcrafted bracelet upon their first meeting? The bracelet was hideous according to Regina's aesthetic standards, and she immediately knew this, obviously. But what does she immediately do? She outwardly compliments Cady on the bracelet to hide her disdain, to make new and clueless Cady think the opposite. Regina is a horrible character, but the female socialization in this example is very real.

Women are not socialized to air their real opinions and the ones who do often get in trouble for it.

The only reason we can be honest about Charlotte here is that we have an anonymous online space for it. I can be honest here and no one in my real life knows I don't believe Charlotte Clymer's outfit slays.

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If you imagine men as small children or pets it’s easier to understand. When a three year old tries to paint a picture of a house, you praise him rather than be honest about how good the painting is. Being honest about things like this, esp regarding men, doesn’t bring any social rewards. You can be honest if you want and tell the three year old his painting isn’t very good, but if you do the three year old will cry and a phalanx of women will come around and chastise you for making him cry.

That makes sense, yes. however the child isn't appropriating their entire existance by painting a picture. This is someone mocking their material reality because their subordination makes them hard.

And even if they don't see that, surely the same could be achieved by not saying anything at all? Instead they jump up to lie... I always wonder how on earth these men don't see the blatant infantilising... is it male socialisation? hamartia? just plain arrogance? narcissism?

i completely get what you said about no social rewards for honesty. but i'll never see why they don't just keep silent? ...I guess i'm just an arsehole. unless they do all this for show and then laugh behind his back. which i think is much more cruel than not saying anything at all.

Ive Heard the logic before that when a man does... This to himself, he must be hurting A LOT. It's what a woman would think who is not very knowledgeable about just how vile and deep AGPs fetishes run. I didn't know about AGP until 2 years ago. She probably thinks he genuinely wants to pee and is embarrassed about looking like a crossdressing clown. She doesn't know he gets off sexually doing this shit.

tbf, women do it to TIFs too. It's a little different and TIFs don't tend to be as self-aggrandizing, but there are threads where women will say "oh aren't you a hunk" "my, don't you look handsome" and all sorts of totally not-normal comments that they would almost never say to male friends. It's very much a weird kind of condescending head-pat treatment in my mind, even if it's kind of subconscious. The way women tend to react to trans people mirrors how they would treat small children. I wonder if they're seeking rewards or just responding to these immature, needy creatures...

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I have a lot of issues with fashion for women, but one thing we have to acknowledge is that women's clothes are designed to fit women's bodies. It will always look ridiculous on men.

Yep, I respect that clothing shouldn’t really be gendered - but clothes designed for female bodies look completely ridiculous on men. Always.

Chuckle is ugly. A woman who was the same in “attractiveness” would not get any compliments at all.

No way anybody would fawn over an actual woman who looked even close to this ugly.

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descriptive of the look on a man’s face when being tasered whilst in a dress

(see image)

He literally posted a pic of himself kissing the camera in response to a handmaiden verbally jerking him off, my guts are spilling over with violent disgust. These men think the female experience is prancing about in lil cute shoes in lil sl*tty outfits whilst all the jealous but totes supportive gal pals go "YASSSS OMG KWEEN LET ME WORSHIP YOUR GORLDICK 💜💜💜 WHERE CAN I GET THAT PURSE?!?!"

These freaks make me fucking sick. And so do their female lapdogs. No dignity or integrity. Wish we could all send them off into space together

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Hear, hear.

Though if aliens came across that shipload of fail they’d take one look and nuke the planet.

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Charles should seriously fuck off by now. I wish he would just disappear from the internet and women’s spaces. I didn’t even recognize it was him, only saw it from the comments. He seems to have aged about 30 years in the last 2-3 years? Lol

from sleeepysandy on the bird app

btw this is exiled ‘male feminist’ charles “charlotte” clymer, known “creepy” abuser of women, but when he started pretending to be a woman, handmaidens just.. forgot all that I guess? … mags made a video on him, it’s a must watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O65OL7k0jXg #stopclymer

i think NPC (internet meme that represents people who do not think for themselves or do not make their own decisions) describes these braindead TRA/libfem women perfectly:

If you get in a discussion with them it's always the same buzzwords and hackneyed arguments. They're the kind of people who make a show of discomfort when you break the status quo like by breaking the normie barrier to invoke a real discussion. it's like in a [video game] when you accidentally talk to somebody twice and they give you the exact lines word for word once more.

*Image Transcription: Twitter

[On the left, an image of Charlotte Clymer, a trans woman, standing next to an actual woman. He is wearing a short red dress and yellow pointed-toe shoes.]

Amber Tamblyn, @ ambertamblyn

Oh THIS is the outfit you mentioned?? 💯💯💯

Shannon S., @ MizShannonS

I’m wanting this outfit. It wouldn’t look as good on me but I want it just the same.

username cropped

Wishing I always felt as confident as you. You are an inspiration to women.

Blair Braverman, @ BlairBraverman

You look Stunning!!

[On the right, a close-up image of Charlotte Clymer's face. He is not attractive and does not even appear to have good dental hygiene.]

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