Very sad. Radical acceptance of her sex might work here, combined with proper feminist learning, i.e., being told that the only thing 'woman' means is that the person is biologically female. It does NOT mean that the person should simper or wear frilly things or have big breasts or wear makeup etc, and it doesn't mean that she couldn't be a pilot or almost anything she wants to and can do in the West (with the usual exceptions of patriarchy, Catholic priesthood, inheriting male titles among English nobility etc.).

I have been incredibly astonished by the way the young have silently trotted back to extremely sexist and retrogressive views about how men and women are supposed to be. Things are worse than in the 1990s when I became aware of these issues. Is it porn everywhere? Popular online culture? If feminist books had been completely banned I could see how this has happened, but I really don't understand why we have retreated.

Add the commercialization of the female body together with its erasure outside porn and I get why young girls don't want to become women. But they can't become men.

I had no idea when I was living through it what a relatively golden time the 1990's were for women. But I see it now in retrospect.

Me too and it isn’t like sexism and misogyny had disappeared from the landscape but we had hope that things would continue to get better. Now we have this instead.

I didn't realize how many female role models I had in the 90s who weren't selling sex as their primary value. I miss that. I feel like once the spice girls came on the scene in the late 90s, it's been downhill ever since.