Professional therapist, spends an hour with a patient: Trans all the way, go for it!! Casual stranger, spends 40 seconds "meeting" the patient through Reddit: Wow, I count 3 red flags. You should NOT have transitioned.

And it's always like that. Red flags.all.over.the.place.

I'd offer a counterpoint - when I gently question trans-identified children in a therapeutic setting, many do not "play ball" and immediately sense an "attack." I still do it because, hello, but it's hard to engage teenagers into challenging their thought errors and behaviours when their whole world is just about themselves (which is developmentally appropriate for a teen, but makes transgender ideology poison).

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I've tried to talk reason to both trans-identified adults and minors, and they all get extremely defensive or hostile. They've been groomed into thinking that if someone doesn't fully support gender ideology in any way they're an enemy of the cult, a bigot and infidel, one of the evil "homophobes" or TERFs they've been warned about. I would expect the same reaction from a member of any other cult.