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And they're still using black and brown people as shield for their invasion. I am bi, and this makes me feel so gross. I've never liked the "bi pride" flag, and this make me actually hate it.

I’m surprised they’re even using the bisexual flag, I thought it was deemed transphobic and rebranded as “pansexuality”.

Wasn't pansexuality branded transphobic, because it implies that trans people don't actually change their sex?

I swear those idiots change "the rules" every other day.

Currently there is no difference between pan and bi for these folks. They choose whichever has the prettiest colors.
Sick, I know.

Wait no I thought we were the trans phones because we are only attracted to the dreaded “cissys” and pan includes people of all genders?

I can’t keep up with the word salad I’m so confused

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I see so, so many idiots claim that bisexuality is an "umbrella" that includes pansexual, and just about every attraction to genders. It's so insane how far these creeps will go to erase same sex attraction.

Even asexuality, which (whether you believe it naturally exists or not) is supposed to mean “not sexually attracted to either sex” has been claimed as an umbrella term. Now “demisexuality” and “gray asexuality” are lumped under the term “asexual,” which is frustrating as hell because now you can’t even say asexuals don’t experience sexual attraction toward either sex

Tbh I’ve only ever met a few bisexuals (the ones that are all into polyamory and other nonsense) that really use the flag. I’ve never personally felt any need for it. I can’t speak for everyone though.

And yeah of course, black and brown people are their human meat shields. It’s not lost on me how heavily white the TRA movement is and how overwhelmingly male it is (despite the number of girls being refered to gender clinics, lots of men seem content just playing dress up and acting out their fetish or buying their prescriptions online). They love to say “we need to centre the voices of black women” and then never actually do it. It’s rich white men keeping the status quo but under the rainbow and BLM flag, dressing it up in glitter and pretending to give a shit whilst continually taking and never giving anything.

The gay colours being shaped like an hourglass because our time is truly running low now.

Let the ugly fucking flag die already. It’s been stolen and corrupted beyond any coherence and it’s used by idiots. Also, it’s a crime against design.

They also made it longer! It's such a very, very male thing to do 😭 I can picture them going HAHAH YES! Let's make it longer so that it shows dominance over sad, standard flags weheheh >:-)

I can't 😂🤣

Let’s make it longer! It’s gotta be the biggest! Just like my 🍆

Right! 😂😂😂 as soon as I saw it I was like “oh Jesus Christ what is THAT!”

Honestly I'm a bisexual woman (someone who has dated and had sex with both sexes, not a "spicy straight") and I've always felt represented enough by the original rainbow flag. I don't mind the bi flag, I just personally don't really care for it, but this new design is terrible.

I googled what the black and brown stripes meant and this is the answer I got:

The design adds the colors of the Trans Pride Flag with brown and black diagonal stripes, emphasizing the importance of trans people of color for the queer rights movement from its inception at the Stonewall riots.

First off, I hate the phrase "queer rights." Also, weren't the people they're referencing (excluding the lesbians, because of course the wokies only care about males) mostly drag queens/crossdressers who never considered themselves or claimed to be trans/MtF? Basic wokester tactic of rewriting history.

And, of fucking course the trans once again get all the credit for every single right LGB people have. Also, I'm a WOC and I'm a bit confused by the emphasis on them being POC - I know a lot of other LGB people of color and none of them have expressed not feeling represented by the original flag. No need to add the black and brown, especially when it just seems like another way for the TQ to hide behind POC.

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The addition of the black and brown stripes originates with an incident specific to Philadelphia

Another year and there won't be any rainbow left on the rainbow flag. The pushing out of gay people will be complete.

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Good, maybe they'll notice they're 2 different things like that

The flag is goddamn hideous now. Jesus christ. Just slap a color wheel on it and call it a day at this point.

I don't get the point of slapping one flag on top of another. Just an easy way to save space for corporations, I guess, only having to buy one flag for everything. I see the point of a bisexual flag, but not on top of another flag.

Just have $ be the new "QuEeR iDeNTiTy" symbol. Makes it so much simpler. Well, until you have to add all the other currencies that insist on being identified. Having erased the LGB, it's just TQ$¢£€ and whatever icons they use for fake crypto money.

I mean, it's a good strategy to make money every year. You find a new, iNcLuSiVe flag and say that all other flags are [insertnonesensehere]phobic so that people will need to buy them to replace the old ones, and so on. The rainbow flag has become one of the most commercialised symbols at this point, why wouldn't they further capitalise on it as much as they can?

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Money to be made selling a new variant of the flag every few years, especially if there's a high social penalty for not splashing out. At least that one's more symmetrical.

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Lol, how long until this flag turns into a big muddy green stain?

There is also a variant with a red umbrella covering the rainbow flag for "sex workers" and another variant with an awful looking yellow circle on an enlarged white triangle for "intersex".

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There is also a variant with a red umbrella covering the rainbow flag for "sex workers"

It always amazes me that they think it's a good thing that marginalized groups are disproportionately exploited by the "sex work" industry. It's not like more vulnerable people would be specifically targeted for exploitation or anything, it's just that for some unknown reason "LGBTQ" people disproportionately "love" to "choose" "sex work"!

Ah yes because women selling their bodies to men is so ~queer~ and special and not the epitome of patriachy

"What's you sexuality ma'am?"

"I sell my body for sex"

"I'm confused"

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