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How can she like even say that shit and not realize how brain-dead she sounds lmao? Even my fucking DOG knows there is an objective difference between a penis and a vagina. If you have a vagina, he will love you to bits. Have a penis? Lol, say hello to Cujo.

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Dogs know which kind of urogenital anatomy they themselves have as well. Dogs with penises pee differently to the way dogs with vaginas, vulvas and female urethras pee - and only dogs with penises go around mounting other dogs, humping human legs, and trying to fuck the furniture. Dogs sure can tell which other dogs have penises and which have vaginas too.

only dogs with penises go around [...] humping human legs

Tell that to my parents' female dog. It's actually extremely common for female dogs to mount, but of course they still know the difference between males and females.

Yeah, my female dog humps every stuffie she gets her paws on

I had a female dog who was a humper too. But no where near as humpy as my boys. Next dog will definitely be a girl, I can't deal with any more male dog behaviour lol

Part of the reason dogs clarify by putting their nose in our crotch. They’re absolutely guaranteeing our sex.

Fun fact: apparently if you get your male dog neutered reasonably early (I guess before puberty hits) and before they see another male dog pee, they won't learn to lift their legs. My n=1 study confirms this is true; my little dog squats like a girl which is great because he can pee on an indoor potty and never sprays on anything.

Ooh that makes sense. I had a male who never lifted his leg. Unfortunately he became aggressive because my father hit him and had to be rehomed :( Hope he's doing okay now