Their usernames are always so fucking cringe. Like, "rawr is i love u in dinosaur!!1!1!" type of immature horseshit.

The cringey smugness is the cherry on top.

"LOLOLOL, im so RaNdOm!!1!"

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I wanna ask this lady how do we make babies and watch steam coming from her ears as her brain overheats.

The more I read/see the cockamamy bullshit, the more I get angry with the general public. No matter how ignorant or uneducated some people are, the majority of the population know the basics. I'm not surprised at the length the TRAs go to with dumbassery and pushing of the envelope, I'm angry at anyone that reads/hears this obvious dribble and thinks, "Hey. This somewhat makes sense. If I stand upside down, close both eyes, spin 5 times to the right, and burn the tip off of 3 fingers-- I can see how this makes sense".

Males and females are different. That's not a political, religious, or ideological, opinion. It is a statement of fact. If their arguments even made a slight bit of sense, I could understand the growing impact. But this?? THIS?? I feel like the world is having a collective stroke.

do you think its even worth arguing with these people? I feel like anyone saying sex doesnt exist/its a spectrum is too far gone to listen to anything.

I don't. There are some people that aren't worth even engaging with. Unless it's in person and someone that I know, I don't. If it's online, I'll like/reply to the sane comments, but don't engage with anyone that thinks that there's absolutely no difference between males and females.

Why transition at all then. Why do TiMs get faux vaginas and TiFs get faux Ds?

They tear down their own identities by arguing this but I get it, if you start with something stupid like "transwomen are women" the only way to go is more stupid.

Apples are bananas! Penguins are chickens! Hot is cold! What a wonderful new world we live in.

I had someone tell me that it's "an opinion" to say that males and females are different.

My question is, how does one become so dumb?

project meaning

What "meaning" is being projected by the words male and female?

gender stereotypes!! its them who project meaning onto our biologies and perpetuate narrow gender stereotypes.

That's my takeaway from that as well, since a biologist projecting some greater meaning onto organs is just silly.

The words "male" and "female" certainly don't (or shouldn't, at least) evoke some spiritual concept of meaning to a biologist. So where is the association coming from? The accuser.

Tl;dr, whoever smelt it dealt it.

This is so dumb I can’t. πŸ˜‚

Seriously though, biological sex is like astronomy, stars and galaxies exist. Male and female biology exists. Gender ideology is like astrology, saying that stereotypes make β€œgender” in the same way astrology says stereotypes about you are true based on stars. UNlike astrology though, gender ideology is no fun and takes itself deadly serious.

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