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Meanwhile women convicted of drug and property crimes are being locked every night in cells with men convicted of rape, pedophilia, torture and murder.

Wouldn't surprise me if this person just copypasted this from a woman talking about moving due to abortion rights infringements. We are the ones at risk of death due to legal bans on our healthcare here.

I don't care. I was out yesterday helping my mom run some errands, and saw three homeless people begging for basics. Two were moms, holding signs asking for formula and baby supplies like diapers or wipes (or money/gift cards to buy them). The third was a veteran, an older man with dirty clothes and a Santa Claus beard holding a paint can with a small US flag in it, and a piece of paper affixed to it that just said "Vietnam Vet -- Homeless -- Please Give -- God bless you. God bless America". 😑 We gave each of them a $10. I know it won't go far but I hope it was a little something.

I seriously do not have the time or energy to give one single solitary fuck about the "plight" of narcissistic TRAs who go out of their way to make their "concerns" the most important over everybody else. I wish they would just shut up and go away. I don't care, and it obviously sticks in their craw to find that 99.999% of other people don't "center" them in their daily lives either. Especially people who have real and serious problems that are far more important than pronouns, "mis-gendering," or Disney being told to knock off the grift. NO. ONE. CARES.

Beautifully stated. Especially about the women at the lowest point of society who are both social outcasts and can’t afford basic resources. It takes a great deal of privilege to tweet about your oppression from your mom’s house.

Having to flee because no one will play make-believe with you, because women don't want you in womens' spaces, and because lesbians (and het men) won't date/have sex with you. Yeah, that's oppression. Lol.

Let me get out my tiny violin to play him the world’s saddest song.

Let him lactate a drug induced river, bridge it with a flesh tube manufactured in Iran and get over it.

"in what circumstance am I willing to die"... well, for certain trans men in Ukraine, it was "not at all, pass me the nail polish."


The world as we know it is burning. No one gives a shit about your identity. Just stay out of women's spaces.

Lol, "fighting for their lives"-- on Twitter? TikTok?? Omg, they really need to shut up.

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