If you parse out that first compound sentence then you get “I’m scared of a woman being scared of me.”

This isn’t surprising. Regular men also have, as their worst fear, women fearing THEM. Nigel used to complain to me about this until I told him to can it.

I saw a post of things that are hard about being a man and one was women being scared. It said 'Women complain about being scared, but imagine being the one people are scared of'. Oh no, you poor wittle baby

imagine being the one people are scared of.

Sounds good to me, sounds very liberating to move through the world without feeling you're under any threat.
Sounds like all I'd need to do is be considerate of those more vulnerable than myself, and give them the space and respect they deserve in public spaces.
And yet these poor little boys never seems to shut up about this topic. Just the number of r/Askwomen posts through the years about "how can I stop the wimmins being afraid of me when out at night?"
Either they're completely unaware of why women are scared (obviously not), they're so lacking in empathy for women that it doesnt occur to them just to respect our space (possibly), or they understand perfectly all of the above, but are simply getting off on discussing how much women fear them (would anyone be surprised?).