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Also “I only ever want to care and help people” is a bizarre thing to bring up when trying to defend using the women’s toilet. You could be the most helpful man in the world and you still don’t belong in the women’s changing room.

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The most caring, helpful man in the world WOULDN'T use the women's changing room because he would CARE about women's boundaries and discomfort, and he would want to HELP women safeguard our own spaces.

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True. He wouldn’t try and flip our fear and use it to frame us as the aggressors.

Now I wish I hadn't looked up his reddit profile, because one of his recent posts is in r/littlespace titled, "Caregivers, how do you deal with time away from your little?" (Self-professed "littles" play out pedophilic scenarios with an adult partner.) So even his "I only ever want to care" is a fetish. 🤢