It's muscles, not height that make men stronger. And anyways the average American woman is 5'4.

You are NOT a woman. You are a man, and women are quite understandably afraid of men, because (lacking psychic abilities) we don't know which one of you is violent and entitled enough to attack a woman, because of your fragile feelings.

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TERF's make me scared of women, posted by u/Lai-Plays to r/women

I recently started at a Gym, I went to the womens changing rooms and elected to use a toilet stall. As I'm too scared to have women berate me or be scared or intimidated by me.

I'm only 5'6", and I wouldn't hurt a fly! I only ever want to care and help people.

Can some cis-women answer honestly please, even if it hurts, why are so many cis women threatened by a woman who happens to be trans? I'm honestly more scared of you.

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Lots of men are short and don't work out and "would never hurt a fly" either. Why won't they use the male restrooms then?

I only ever want to care and help people

in the changing room????

I'm honestly more scared of you

How would you know?

This is something that annoys me so much about "well I feel like a woman" how would you know? You've never been a woman confronted by a TIM in a changing room. How would you know that you're more scared of us? Being scared is an internal experience.

And PS your fear is irrational. Even at 5'6" you're taller and stronger than most women. I'm 5'5" and I'm taller than most women. Get over yourself. If you're so scared, try changing at home and leaving the women's changing room to women?

I know the 5'6" thing was very odd. Statistically speaking you'd be taller than more than half the women, and stronger than a large portion of women in general. I think I'm quite tall as a woman and I'm about your height.

Perhaps you'd feel more comfortable in the men's toilet, little 5'6" feller?

Most women are anywhere from 5'-5'4, so your dumb male ass will still be taller than us. Not even that height matters because males are still physically stronger than us. What a stupid twat.

The “we’re more scared of you than you are of us” line sounds like an AGP fetish if ever there was one. They get off on sounding as helpless and 🥹🥹🥹🥹 cartoon level dewy eyed as they can.

a woman who happens to be trans

My god, the mental gymnastics these idiots must have to play just to be able to type a sentence must be exhausting.

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