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Also “I only ever want to care and help people” is a bizarre thing to bring up when trying to defend using the women’s toilet. You could be the most helpful man in the world and you still don’t belong in the women’s changing room.

[–] spaghettiforhair LiTeRaLlYvIoLeNt 51 points

The most caring, helpful man in the world WOULDN'T use the women's changing room because he would CARE about women's boundaries and discomfort, and he would want to HELP women safeguard our own spaces.

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True. He wouldn’t try and flip our fear and use it to frame us as the aggressors.

Now I wish I hadn't looked up his reddit profile, because one of his recent posts is in r/littlespace titled, "Caregivers, how do you deal with time away from your little?" (Self-professed "littles" play out pedophilic scenarios with an adult partner.) So even his "I only ever want to care" is a fetish. 🤢

If you're scared of us, then why do you demand to be in our spaces?

Also, I'm a short woman and one of my rapists was shorter than me. Short men are still usually physically stronger than women of the same height/taller women.

Short males are still physically stronger than taller women. As a mom of boys, I was shocked, very shocked, to discover that my sons were stronger than me by late elementary school, when two of them were still my height or shorter (the third was taller). And I'm both tall and strong for a woman. They'd only just started puberty at that point.

I was beaten up and robbed by a skinny dude who was shorter than me.

I honestly don't get that logic, as if being short makes them weaker than women. It doesn't.

Because being short is equal to being weak among men. Which is true but they forget that this rule works only in the same sex class.

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I had a disabled man in a wheelchair overpower me when I was a teenager hanging out with some friends and we went to some house party. Yeah there was drinking and weed involved and we were young and dumb. This man was shot in the legs or whatever but somehow he ended up wrestling me on the ground. If it weren’t for my friends I wouldn’t able to get out of whatever headlock he had me in. With his upper body strength it didn’t matter that he was disabled. So why wouldn’t a short man be able to overpower a woman?

If you parse out that first compound sentence then you get “I’m scared of a woman being scared of me.”

This isn’t surprising. Regular men also have, as their worst fear, women fearing THEM. Nigel used to complain to me about this until I told him to can it.

I saw a post of things that are hard about being a man and one was women being scared. It said 'Women complain about being scared, but imagine being the one people are scared of'. Oh no, you poor wittle baby

imagine being the one people are scared of.

Sounds good to me, sounds very liberating to move through the world without feeling you're under any threat.
Sounds like all I'd need to do is be considerate of those more vulnerable than myself, and give them the space and respect they deserve in public spaces.
And yet these poor little boys never seems to shut up about this topic. Just the number of r/Askwomen posts through the years about "how can I stop the wimmins being afraid of me when out at night?"
Either they're completely unaware of why women are scared (obviously not), they're so lacking in empathy for women that it doesnt occur to them just to respect our space (possibly), or they understand perfectly all of the above, but are simply getting off on discussing how much women fear them (would anyone be surprised?).

a woman who happens to be trans

My god, the mental gymnastics these idiots must have to play just to be able to type a sentence must be exhausting.

this reminds me of the article I read where a radfem describes a TIM standing up in a crowd she was speaking to, who pretended to tear up and made his breathing all fast as he sobbed that her words made him feel unsafe.

You're more scared of me, sir? really? what, scared I'll laugh at your freak-ass? I hate these men that make a mockery of the violence women face every day. I fucking hate them and they deserve every bit of fear and violence they may experience as a result of their colonization.

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They use anything and everything to attempt to validate their imposter existence.

Most women are anywhere from 5'-5'4, so your dumb male ass will still be taller than us. Not even that height matters because males are still physically stronger than us. What a stupid twat.

If any woman expresses the slightest discomfort over him being in the womens changing room, he's going to rage like a grown-ass man and he knows it.

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Why is he terrified of women doesn’t he know a good portion of us are 5’6” or shorter

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