They're "challenging" the binary by..... following the binary exactly as it is? Boy likes pink he's now a girl, girl likes blue she's now a boy, what exactly is the difference here lmfao

[–] arikal 14 points Edited

They say they don't judge appearances or go by stereotypes but they judge literally everything that way. They assume cis women are all these one dimensional feminine stereotypes, they assume every masculine woman isn't a woman and every feminine man isn't a man. They don't just follow the binary--they enforce it.

And they think they're heroes and martyrs for it.

And their flag has baby blue and baby pink, literally the most iconic colours of the boy girl dynamic. Like that is what their identity is. lmao

We're daring to challenge the cis-binary gender structure by moving to the other half of the binary.

I literally could not care less if a man slaps on a dress and lippy. They all can, nobody's stopping them. But colonizing female spaces, drowning out our voices in our own communities, robbing girls of sports scholarships, assaulting inmates in women's prisons? Yeah, now we have a problem.

Wouldn't men in dresses, makeup, whatever as men be more actually progressive in this society rather than declaring whoever is wearing a dress a "woman"? And wait until all these super duper special "non binary" teenage girls find out women have been wearing pants for decades.

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Last time I checked it wasn't trans events that got harrassed and protested by swarming them and shouting and stomping so loud you couldn't hear the speakers, trans statues that had a noose tied around their necks, trans protestors who had their signs snatched and broken or harrassed, trans people who were fired for believing in gender identity and saying so, trans people whose twitter accounts got nuked for stating facts, trans people whose entire team of trans were decimated by women teams, trans people who were sent rape and death threats to the point where entire websites could be made about them, trans people who were being forced to accept dating someone they had no attraction to because it was bigoted, trans people who had languages that were in use for centuries edited entirely to revolve around them so as not to offend...

"Call a woman a b!tch or a c%nt or a Karen or a Carol and nobody bats an eye. Call a transwoman a man and everyone loses their minds."

Children are "being denied trans healthcare" because kids are saying they are the other sex based on sexist stereotypes and because if trans was really a thing there shouldn't be ANY detransitioners, let alone growing in numbers

The "cisgender binary structure that is the norm" is the system of being biologically male or biologically female becauss that's how almost every species continues itself. There is no third human gamete and humans can't change sex. If you're following socially constructed stereotypes for the opposite sex to define what you are you are no less guilty of contributing to said system.

"The right says a woman should do the dishes.
The left says anyone who does the dishes is a woman.
GC says anyone can do the dishes."

"Truly what the fuck did we do" you forced THE ENTIRE WORLD to participate in your lies regardless of the other's beliefs and entire industries and corporations waving the rainbow flag are selling you bodily harming sevices that have been proven time and again to cause more harm than good, in order to attain your "true self". Body builders on synthol and steroids and people who flood themselves with injections and silicone are quickly mocked for being fake, but we're supposed to just accept everything a trans person does to themselves without question, because their feelings override reality.

Your lot took suicide threats and ran with it. No one else has their demands ceded to like this because they threatened suicide for not getting their way. If all the GC women of the world threatened suicide right now, we'd be encouraged to and laughed at. Probably get sent even more death threats.

You've also appropriated not just womanhood and manhood, but motherhood and various conditions such as CCSD and DID and tourettes. People with actual medical conditions have become nothing but a quirky twitter biography for you.

Women are murdered and raped around the world at far higher rates than trans people are and no one gives a damn because it's been normalized. Less people would give a shit about a transman being killed or who committed suicide than a transwoman. Guess why.

All women want is for trans people to not take over existing categories that we barely had for a century. But go off on how having your OWN spaces is othering.


"Everyone is out to get us! I can't show you any evidence but if you want to be a real ally, you'd look around and find some for us! Do the work! It's not our responsibility to teach you!!!"

People aren’t handing over their entire paycheque to these shameless beggars, giving them free everything anywhere they go and worshipping the ground they walk on. Oh, what horrors these people face! 🙄

The goddamn governments have already bent over backwards to appease them to the detriment of women, children and the LGB community but it’s never enough.

They want to rape whoever or whatever they want and be hailed as heroes for it and even if they got that wish, they’d complain the victims weren’t enthusiastic enough for them.

I’m over their endless victim complexes and narcissism.

The mental gymnastics these idiots have to play with themselves just to try to make sense must be exhausting.

these idiots have to play with themselves

I think you hit the nail on the head right there

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rylan, @ testosteronejew

what did trans people every do to deserve this. truly what the fuck did we do

Stale Rice BLFC!, @ TheStale...

Can someone tell me what's going on please, because I have no context?

monsooooooooooooooon, @ djsrk257752

Wdym you have no context. Look around, look at the internet. The world hates trans people and goes out its way to make every second of our existence as miserable as possible all because we 'dare to deviate from the fragile cisgender binary structure that is considered the norm.'