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I just can't. There's a new female-identifying male client in the non-profit where I volunteer...under 40, shoulder length hair, beard stubble, visible bosom, definitive male hips, stance and walk. Also, he wears clothes you might see on guys in an IT department.

And, for some reason, he's latched on to me...always coming up to me...explaining that now that he's on estrogen he can no longer open the iron gates (tee hee - he explains this with a giggle)...iron gates that I, a senior woman with arthritis, can open easily.

Also, he constantly has to tell me about his upcoming "top" surgery...which freaks me out...not just because we're veritable strangers, and I shouldn't have to have to hear about such private medical procedures, but because he's male, and I thought "top surgery" was a term reserved for male-identifying females wanting their breasts removed. Not a female identifying male with a visible bosom wanting....what?

Breast enhancement surgery?

Is he currently wearing a padded, stuffed bra?

Fucking laughing at "microaggressions and aggression-aggressions". x'D

I bet he's insufferable and wears the stupidest unproffesional clothes that women wouldn't wear to work.

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Micro-aggressions is such an annoying term. It was probably invented by giant corporations, like the one I work for, to effectively forbid any criticism or expression of the most minimal negative emotions. It’s capitalism telling us “don’t dare to complain”.

Schools are different and kids don’t have to obey to get paid and have a roof over their heads. He can’t control school kids’ emotions, but it’s a public service and not a for-profit mega corp.

He could probably pull off his dress-up game where I work tbh.

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Microaggression is a term coined by psychiatrist Chester Pierce in 1970s to describe the dismissive behavior of whites towards blacks in social and professional settings. Like intersectionality, a useful analytical or descriptive term got co-opted for very different purposes.

I mean, you probably get a ton of microaggressions every day working in your field. Little things like asking you, the only female, to take notes for the meeting. Or not inviting you out to bond with the rest of the team. Or justifying your lower pay with handwaving excuses.

It's an actual thing.

[–] Sylvanas 1 points Edited

I feel that the low pay exceeds the micro in the aggression and falls under the category of something that should be illegal. Whereas small expressions of negativity do not. Yes, I feel excluded from certain social activities at work tbh. I just don’t perceive it as dramatically as this teacher.

The school pays lip service

I keep seeing TRAs annoyed that everyone is just pretending, but how can people do anything else other than pretend to play along when it comes to delusion?

Yes. You, mere mortals, must not only acknowledge that I've "transitioned" to the opposite sex, you must enthusiastically broach the topic of my "transition" at every turn, AND, you must show unrestrained joy and unqualified acceptance of its existence.

Lol! This made me so happy to read. The resistance is there. No amount of misgendering laws is going to stop the adults and apparently many kids from knowing that creeps in dresses are still creepy ass men.

All these people need is one strong leader to stand up and defy their stupid misgendering law in public, say there are 4 lights, and say it with their whole chest without apology. Everyone will fall in line behind them, even if that person is shitty in many many other ways. Exhibit A, lots of people in America who plan to vote Republican shudders even after the horrors of the Trump years and their multitude of other sins, just to get a return to sanity on this issue.

“One strong leader” makes me squirm. But I agree that the left is doing its utmost to make that happen by stifling a healthy debate. Furthermore, they will never take responsibility for their role in the disastrous outcome.

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I love it when men get denied their special euphoria boners fuck yes 🥰

Just imagine what this AGP must look like for this to happen in today’s political climate. Also, tell me you’re a creepy fetishist without telling me you’re a creepy fetishist, u/LesbianSansa 🙄🤢

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my mum has been a teacher in australia for over 40 years and never once has a child or children treated her as badly as this guy is making out. probably because she treats her students with love, kindness, respect and NEVER asks them to lie for her. that’s child safety 101.

Ah yes, LesbianSansa, what a telling username for a man whose post history has him lecturing people from the point of view of a "lesbian" going back five years and yet somehow "came out" six months ago and doesn't seem to have an appearance that can garner even pity pronouns from people who could lose their jobs for "misgendering" him. And, shocker, his partner is a they/them actual woman dealing with actual woman shit like endo.

I'm honestly so sick of these larping losers using internet anonymity to act like they know anything about what being gay is actually like. You are a fucking straight man, and your partner is a straight woman, you literally have no idea what you're talking about. Like the level of delusional confidence required to do this is legitimately insane, even for a straight man...

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Based school, lol. Now if only they could find a legally watertight reason to sack him.

If everyone stopped playing along to their LARP fantasy, do you think they would just stop and "go back into the closet"?

That would be a solid way to end the genderwoo.

Agreed--Ignoring their requests seems to be a winning strategy. The second there is compliance TIMs will invariably keep nudging everyone's boundaries further and further.

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