Some bisexuals really think they're better human beings due to their sexuality. Even if you don't understand us homos and heteros, can't you try to emphasize??

I’m bi and I’m so embarrassed and cringe at this shit. I hate being associated with these people. There was a bisexual dating show on a while ago and the presenter honestly said something like “bisexuals are amazing, because we are attracted to people and not genitals … hearts not parts.” What the shit kind of straw man is that ? I have never met a single person who is like “I just love dick , no matter who it’s attached to.”

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Is "hearts not parts" solely a TRA thing or did it come from elsewhere before? I have such a viceral cringe reaction to it whenever I hear it now because I associate it solely with girldick logic.

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I think it came from the gay rights movement originally. Of course the T have twisted the meaning.

I get you sis... I feel so shit when i see them straight girls call gay men f#gs for not dating them! We are not defined by the proverbial bad apples though :)


I can see past biological sex and be attracted to literally anyone!

It's actually pretty homophobic.

Right? As though gay and lesbian people are bigots for excluding people from their genitals! My dating is actually highly exclusive thank you very much. There is no affirmative action to be inside my vagina