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It's the same reason they want KF to go away. They dont want everyone to see receipts and explanations of their fetishistic behavior. Especially behavior involving children.

they said a woman who's breastfeeding her child should have CPS called on her. And death threats. Yeah, those totally happened. Boo hoo

That is a TIM - a MAN - who posted photos of himself (to other sick TIMs) sexually abusing his newborn daughter, and admitted he felt aroused doing it. I reported him to the authorities, and I hope to god that sick fuck and his enablers are arrested for child abuse. And I hope the all too many pedophilic TIMs who inevitably jerked off to those pictures, are struck by lightning.

Nobody believes TWAW, not even you incel stalkers. That's why you panic whenever your pedophilia gets exposed to everyone outside your safespace.

Ah yes the most downtrodden members of society, TIMs with a lactation fetish. But nary a word about /r/Whore_Abuse, /r/dykeconversion, /r/WhatWouldYouDoWithHer, or many of the subs mentioned on /r/BanFemaleHateSubs. Misogyny is fine as long as their dicks get hard.

These guys need to stop lumping the LGB in with their degeneracy. Nobody is coming at gay, lesbian, or bisexual people for having a lactation fetish. It's specifically the TQ+, and I think that they know that.

That's pretty fucking funny considering r/SJiA criticizes r/TiA for being transphobic. Funny how the gun ends up pointing at you eventually : )

death threats are out of pocket and not ok. But who wants to bet a man made the threat and not a "terf" woman? ...

Should we expect to see a wave of banned subreddits again? r/TumblrinAction, r/StupidPol and r/Fourthwavewomen are the first I expect to go.

Aren't they those who pollute threads shouting "you are a pedo!" left and right?

At least when we call you sexual deviants WE HAVE THE FUCKING PROOF.

Image transcription: Reddit

r/SocialJusticeInAction master-post: this sub must be banned for constant extreme anti-LGBTQ+ hatred.

r/ SocialJusticeInAction must be banned for constant extreme anti-LGBTQ+ hatred. This long master-post is but a fraction of a snapshot of the vile content that appears within the community daily. It is up to Reddit administration now to either clamp down on the rule-breaking content within SocialJusticeInAction or choose complicity in allowing dangerous hate rhetoric and radicalization spaces to proliferate.

-Multiple threads demonizing a trans women on r/ MtF and r/ asktransgender for breastfeeding, with mass accusations of 'sexual deviant/predator', 'pedophile' and 'autogynephile', say that the women should go to prison and face child protection services, open use of transphobic slurs, as well as a death threat against them:

I, for one, have stocked up on loads of popcorn to watch the super-woke, male Redditers devour themselves and then implode into another universe where I don't have to give a shit about them.

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