Scrolled through his history. He mentioned he was 16. He is 100% too young and unrestricted online, he posted what country he's in, info about his family members, his time at school. Openly commenting on NSFW posts. It really seems like this kid was groomed.

That's so ridiculous. I know his age, country.. i could find him if i invest 10 more minutes of my time. So so dangerous. He's 16 and money is not a problem? Way too much idle time. A life so easy that he can't but stare at his bellybutton. I think that if i had a kid like that i would send him somewhere where life is difficult and there's no internet. Either pay a Mongolian family to make him work for them , or in some village in Africa idk. Is gender important if no one is looking at you?

yeah, I would send him to one of those horse ranch camps for troubled kids.

[–] La_Terfa Moid Tamer 17 points

I guess I am a horrible person, but I can't lie: the first phrase made me laugh so damn hard.

"So, ✨ I tried to kill myself twice this week, need some gender euphoria! 💅 Quick! Any ideas?!"

It's like something out of a South Park episode.

Wait, they really use the phrase "skirt go spinny" ?

I thought people on here just said that to mock them or something ... wtf?

So he's essentially saying he wants to go perv on the poor women in some clothes store to get an erection, isn't he?

And he needs to do that so that he doesn't kill himself, because psychotherapists don't exist.

Why are men so disgusting?

Reminds me of this quote from a religious text someone posted a while ago, where the sages told the guy who claimed to be suicidal because he couldn't rape a woman basically "Tough luck, but in that case, we will have to let you die."

[–] [Deleted] 5 points Edited

They use that phrase all the time. Mocking is just as easy as quoting them.

"Tough luck but in that case we will have to let you die" is how I feel about any of the TIMs threatening suicide if they don't get to use female spaces etc etc.

like good! do it! you keep promising you will, shit!

[+] [Deleted] 8 points

Ah yes, I remember when I went to the hospital for suicidal ideation and all the nurses gathered around me, shouting in unison, "You're such a pretty girl! UwU" and then gave me head pats.

[–] bellatrixbells BoobatrixRex 9 points

So you attempted suicide twice in the same week because a store closed?

I have been in therapy groups with people who have genuinely attempted suicide.

These kids need to get off the internet, this is so damn offensive.

Why the fuck do they talk like mentally disabled children, what the hell am I even reading

How many of them actually are children with developmental delays though…

For reals. "I tried to kill myself... lol UwU!!"

Like wtf???

[–] bellatrixbells BoobatrixRex 6 points

He failed so hard at suicide that he didn't even go to a hospital, tried and failed again the next day and then complained on reddit about his favourite store closing. Sounds just like someone who just survived a suicide attempt.

But he identifies as someone who survived a suicide attempt.

Seriously though, I hope he gets the help he needs because even threatening suicide or talking about it like this is a sign that something is very wrong. Admittedly the help he needs isn't the same as the help he wants but I hope he gets it nevertheless.

Wow, it's almost like AGPs can never be satisfied because their fetististic desires can only escalate.

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trigger warning: self-harm/suicide Need some advice on how to get quick gender euphoria, posted by u/Tempest_Wolf_22 to r/MtF

So here's the situation: i attempted suicide on Sunday and Monday and need some euphoria to not do it again because the store i wanted to go to to get some lasting euphoria is closed. Money isn't ready an issue right now. Does anyone have any ideas?


skirt go spinny hormones go brrr


hormones are silent with me and skirt is already constantly spinny since months

[–] [Deleted] Lvl5 Laser Lotus 13 points

Almost as if capitalism leeching off the mentally ill is a bad thing!