Scrolled through his history. He mentioned he was 16. He is 100% too young and unrestricted online, he posted what country he's in, info about his family members, his time at school. Openly commenting on NSFW posts. It really seems like this kid was groomed.

That's so ridiculous. I know his age, country.. i could find him if i invest 10 more minutes of my time. So so dangerous. He's 16 and money is not a problem? Way too much idle time. A life so easy that he can't but stare at his bellybutton. I think that if i had a kid like that i would send him somewhere where life is difficult and there's no internet. Either pay a Mongolian family to make him work for them , or in some village in Africa idk. Is gender important if no one is looking at you?

yeah, I would send him to one of those horse ranch camps for troubled kids.