men aren’t going to fuck you

Tell me you're male without telling me you're male.

And from the moderator list:

Aiko | real life anime girl fighting TERF bullies

Tell me you're AGP without telling me you're AGP.

The OP is obsessed with fundamental Christian groups, top surgery, and being called a boy.

*I'll take internalised homophobia and growing up in a sexist religious home for 100 dollars Alex *

Poor girl.

What's hilarious about this is that they are all now debating our fuckability.

Now in all my time here I have never seen a post complaining about this. This just is not an issue for most of us, and it is not the purpose of these spaces.

Their spaces? Full of threads about how nobody wants to fuck them. Threads and threads and threads about how nobody wants to fuck them. Then the occasional thread about how the only people who want to fuck them are fetishists. Because that is what happens when you turn a perfectly fine body into a mutilated science experiment.

And they know this. That's why they have to insist on this 'gender' nonsense. As if someone's internal reality has any actual bearing on the world. As if anyone can change sex. Because it doesn't. And you can't.

So God forbid we point out that a mentally ill woman with self-harm inflicted mutilations all over her body will have a harder time in life. She will. They know this too. It's why they go on about how 'vulnerable' they are.

What they fail to gather is that for the most part, their Frankengenitals and other experiments were an unnecessary body modification that the rest of the world finds utterly repulsive. For every 'lesbian' TIM there is a porn sick man who only has a male fantasist's view of womanhood. For every 'straight' TIM there is a gay guy who has blunted every feature other gay men would find attractive. For every 'straight' TIF there is a butch lesbian in denial. 'For every 'gay' TIF there is a straight girl who went so hard on 'I'm not like other girls' she convinced herself she must be a boy.

Nobody normal wants to date a short teenage boy with shit facial hair and no dick. That's not transphobic. That's a fact.

There is a happy version of themselves that is not carved into a falsehood of what will never be. I think that is why they hate gender critical people and our views so much. We are saying to them 'You were fine the way you were' and it shows up just how ghastly and regressive they are. You cannot change sex. You can expand what being your sex is. The more they insist on not conforming to gender stereotypes means there is something wrong with them and therefore need to change bodies is backward. So, so backward.

And it is all just so regressive, so wrapped up in stereotypes, and so sexist.

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The key to finding a great partner is honest, open communication. By going along with trans rhetoric (which is based in pure fantasy and therefore, dishonesty) you automatically demonstrate you can't be honest about yourself OR with others. And thus why the trans community attracts both dangerously vulnerable and extremely abusive individuals in droves.

The problem we have with TRAs isn't inherently about sex. Sex comes up because in a healthy romance between two adults, there is sex and sexual attraction. The real issue, however, is because TRA language and rhetoric encourages those with crippling self esteem issues to transform to fit a narrative they THINK will make them lovable, when in reality, it will change nothing but give them a damaged body in addition to their mental health issues. On the other side, it also encourages those with high narcissistic and sociopathic traits to steamroll over others who stand in their way of achieving their true self. Both these groups have massive issues with self-hatred. The cure for their ailment, is therapy designed to help them develop self-love, and in the case of the latter, develop not only self-love, but empathy for others.

TRA rhetoric, however, enforces the idea that anyone who questions you for your safety, or resists your attempts to gaslight is "bad". So by falling in with it, yes, you reduce your attractiveness by modifying yourself into a frankenstinian medley of secondary sex characteristics. BUT even bigger is the fact that, if you already have low boundaries and high empathy (as many women attracted to this rhetoric sadly do) you are setting yourself up to be abused. And if you have difficulty feeling empathy for others (as many of the men attracted to this rhetoric do) you are setting yourself up to become an abuser.

That.. is a whole wall of scrawl, from the text that I could be bothered to decipher. They're denying that GNC women get assaulted more because TIFs (especially the nb ones) definitely aren't the ones who are most at risk for sexual abuse than their male victim complex associates 🌚?. Ok then Rapists definitely don't target minorities, spare the neuro/social divergent and isolated as all true feminists know. or is it the 'pointing out sexual abuse risks makes you a pervert' argument that men use all the time argh "maybe every woman lies about rape accusations because they're perverted narcissists that like rape 🤔 #mra #deepthoughts" rhetoric does not work beyond middle grade, well it does but only on individuals who didn't graduate from their mentally

Also I'm not the one posting about terfmommys and radfem SA fanfiction on the internet let's not throw stones from stinky glass incel houses tonight 🤢

Hey sister! Good to see you again. I know, I can't work out if it is direct misinformation about our views, or that most people don't actually know what our views are, or that they know most people have our views (hence why they got rid of the GC sub), or that they are just annoyed because we are pointing out all of their issues are entirely self-inflicted!

I think it's all a symptom of an unfortunate society (no, not that transgenders are a disease but it's a transformative form of cope, encouraging people to take more productive copes, or uniting to pull out the splinter that harms you is better than bandaging it up so to say, but I don't 'hate' the people purposefully pushing it deeper in an attempt to get it to heal over I greatly hate the system throwing away tweezers and encouraging them to disease themselves for fleeting gain)

In that painfully stretched metaphor (lol soz) I can understand why individuals who are sufferring cement their choice to be pro-gender, plastic, cosmetic alt, biology denial etc. and that it's not a choice that's reached in a vacuum it's bc big splinter™© chooses to put so many f-ing splinters in them for fun and they predictably become the way that they are, (this whole thing applies to right wing gendies as well 🙁 )

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Honestly, that post was quite cringe. I pointed out some of my objections in the comments. This site has a mix of women and I highly doubt the OP of that post was a radfem.