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If you get PMS symptoms, how intense are they?

Currently on my third day of cramps and in bed with a heating pad. I've seen a lot of transfems mention having PMS symptoms, but I don't often see anyone mention cramps. Wondering if you get cramps, how intense are they and have you seen a doctor at all for it? Mine tend to fluctuate throughout the day, but can be really painful for me at times. I've tried several remedies and few have had any effect. Most recently I was given hyoscyamine, which sometimes helps, but applying heat tends to be the only thing that gives me relief.

Also, where on your body are the cramps? Every doctor I've seen always checks higher up my digestive track, and the GI I saw most recently pointed out that the pain I'm feeling is actually near my bladder. I don't have any urinary symptoms, so this has left me a bit perplexed.

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Can’t imagine why his doctor is checking his digestive “track” instead of his nonexistent female reproductive system.

I keep waiting for male physicians to put a stop to this nonsense but I guess I’m waiting in vain. And forgetting that I’m still talking about males. Isn’t it ironic that the same male physicians who will dismiss a woman with a deadly disease as exaggerating and hysterical will treat a disease state that is impossible with a straight face. Even if the tide turns all of this is going to set women back in hundreds of ways.