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Human beings are not fish, and we do not change sex.

Show me one, one! example of sex change that is inclusive: chromosomes, gametes, organs, hormones, primary and secondary sex characteristics.

Fish might be more evolved, we are not.

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The comment "thanks for spreading the knowledge!" Made me cackle. I mean it's cool but humans aren't fish. They have nothing to do with each other regarding reproduction. Here's a post on why my #2 ✏️ and an 🍊 on my desk are related because wood comes from a plant and a plant is how oranges grow.

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My ex seriously used this as an example that being trans is not socially contagious, but a symptom of polluted water. I fucking laughed at him and shook my head. He said that in decades scientists will finally realize it, and I laughed even harder. No, fucknut, they’re gonna look back in history and realize that it’s social contagion, AGP, sexism and homophobia-induced.

Quote in case anybody doesn't want to click instagram:

For people, social conversations surrounding sex and gender have evolved and expanded as we continue to learn more and more. Yet, in the animal kingdom, these changes have long existed. Take the black sea bass, found along the Coast from Maine to Florida. Fish born female can change gender and become male. Scientists are still exploring what prompts these changes, but leading theories suggest it’s triggered when local populations don’t have enough males. This can be great for maintain populations, especially when larger males are often more desirable for fishing. Happy Pride! 📸NOAA