Every time I cook it, I probably lose 25% of it because it sticks to the pan. It doesn’t matter if I use a metal pan or Teflon.

Every time I cook it, I probably lose 25% of it because it sticks to the pan. It doesn’t matter if I use a metal pan or Teflon.


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In my limited experience with the liquid Just Egg, you will definitely need to be liberal with your oil usage to not get it to stick to the pan.

They also make Just Egg patties, see if they carry them at your local grocery store.

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I’ll try to add more oil. Thanks! And those patties look awesome!!!!

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Hey I'm more than a week late to this but I wonder what kind of metal pan are you using, is it stainless steel? And as for teflon, is that pan seasoned? Officially teflon doesn't need to be seasoned to preserve the non-stick coating but in practice it helps a lot to keep it that way. I don't have teflon I have a copper ceramic non-stick and it needed to be seasoned as well, and I haven't had anything stick to it at all, even when I cooked vegan scramble from chickpea flour (pretty much the same thing as JustEgg, but I think they use mung bean flour instead). Anyway, I've never tried this tip myself for teflon, but supposedly it works for getting the non-stick back: https://www.quickanddirtytips.com/house-home/food/my-non-stick-pan-is-sticking-how-to-get-the-non-stick-back

And here's what to do to re-season it or season a new pan: https://www.stonefryingpans.com/season-a-nonstick-pan/

If you're teflon is all scratched up or has pieces of the non-stick coating missing, it'll be difficult to get it to work again (that also means you may have been eating bits of teflon), and you may want to either replace it or turn it into a stainless steel pan by removing the coating (sanding it off). That's a lot of work and you already mentioned that you have a metal (I assume stainless steel) pan so I'll recommend seasoning that instead: https://www.epicurious.com/expert-advice/how-to-turn-stainless-steel-skillet-nonstick-article

It's kinda annoying to have non-stick pans whose purpose is supposed to be to allow us to use less oil in our cooking lose their non-stick properties thus forcing us to use more oil (defeating the purpose of non-stick all together). It's something that annoyed for years until I found out that pans labeled as non-stick still need to be seasoned, I always thought that was just for cast-iron and that cast-iron was too finicky or too much upkeep. I now want a cast iron pan, lol.

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I’ve tried using Teflon and metal. I had to get rid of my cast iron lol. No matter how well I tried to take care of it, it would always smoke up my house or cause a grease fire when I cooked.

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Oh that's annoying! Well, thankfully other pans can be seasoned, even stainless and possibly even aluminum(not sure), good luck with your JustEgg, I haven't tried them yet (haven't even seen them for sale yet here).