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There was always something way too overtly smug about oatly’s branding... like they had too much money to spend on giant billboards and task forces devoted to ‘connecting with a younger audience’. I’ve seen some really insufferable nonsense from them around where I live that makes it hard for me to feel happy an oat milk company is becoming giant. It’s a shame I can’t boycott them as they sell the only oat milk I’ve used that doesn’t break apart in hot drinks

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Is Alpro available in your area? Their oat milk works well in hot drinks and it's by far the most neutral tasting plant milk I've tried. I hardly buy any other milks these days, it works so well in everything.

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Oat milk is literally the easiest of all the plant milks to DIY. I've bought Earth's Own oat milk before, but usually I make my own (cheaper, not too time consuming). Knowing this, I'll be sure to avoid this brand purposely. They seemed over-priced anyway, but now they seem out of touch with reality as well. Hmm.

I had a brief obsession with Oatly, until I realized its just too expensive as compared to other plant milks.. I tend to stick to my cashew milk and soy milk. There's always Planet Oat and Silk has an oatmilk now too I believe.

Some of the comments about vegans and plant milks in that thread are cringe...

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Oatly is so overpriced in my country it's pretty much a running joke that only rich af instagram vegans can afford it.

Their products are fine, but not good enough to justify those costs.