Let's get to know each other! Comment below to introduce yourself! Some things you could start with:

  • How long have you been vegan?
  • What made you go vegan?
  • Favorite vegan foods?
  • What kind of stuff are you hoping to find in this circle?
Let's get to know each other! Comment below to introduce yourself! Some things you could start with: - How long have you been vegan? - What made you go vegan? - Favorite vegan foods? - What kind of stuff are you hoping to find in this circle?


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Hello there!

I was vegetarian for 8 years and have been vegan for nearly 4. I stopped eating meat as a child when my family adopted chickens for farming eggs, and I realized I loved them as any other companion animal and not as a food product. Since I'd always felt a bond with animals, it was simple for me to realize that all animals deserved the same treatment and the chance to live a long, healthy life.

I began slowly transitioning to vegan by cutting out one animal product at a time, but when it became easier to find vegan products at the store I took the plunge and have never looked back! For processed food I love anything by Gardein and Miyoko's, but my favorite homemade dish is baked tofu and veggies served with ramen.

I always love hearing about major legal/political wins in the community, but I'm mainly happy to enjoy a vegan-oriented space where we can freely call out hypocrisies in carnist logic without fear of getting "cancelled."

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Happy to see vegan hopefully radfems here. I've been vegan 20+ years, since watching The Animals at 19 years old. My favorite food is deep fried bbq seitan and mashed potatoes with pumpkin pie. I'm hoping to find ways to speak to other feminists about liberating animals and how feminism and animal liberation are instrinsically tied.

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I'm so happy we finally have a vegan circle!

I have been vegan for six years; before that I was a vegetarian since 1997. I would say I was on that path since I was about 10, riding horses but feeling something wasn't quite right, but not really able to communicate or even understand what it was exactly. It took me a long time to arrive at the logical endpoint of those thoughts, though. As an adult, I was involved in environmental activism (mostly GP) and I suppose the final push wasn't anything dramatic (I still haven't watched any of the films that typically convert people) but simply the realisation that most of the people I most respected were vegans, their position was logical, and I ought to at least give it a try. It was a case of I need to make an effort to be a better person because it is the right thing to do, and so I fully expected it to be a sacrifice, but of course I found out more or less instantly that it was not at all difficult. It felt like a great big weight lifted off my shoulders - I am just so HAPPY to not be a part of that evil exploitation any longer!

I have no favourite food as such; I like many different cuisines but if I had to pick just one, it would be Middle Eastern meze type food: lots of lemon, chickpeas, sesame seeds, almonds, fresh herbs and veggies... I am also very partial to tofu which I never in a million years expected to be!

I look forward to discussing every angle and intersection of veganism and feminism!

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hey everyone!!!!!!!!!!

my name is runi, i’ve been vegan for a year and some months, and i was vegetarian for 5 years before that!

my baby sister decided to go vegan after a long time of being vegetarian and i decided to do it with her! we are vegan for the animals first and foremost, and also for the environment, also i’m vegan because the dairy meat egg industry is such a disgusting community that preys on the marginalized and i don’t want to support that!

i will eat anything as long as it’s vegan but my absolute fave foods is tofuuuuu yummy but i eat so much stuff! i love veggies

i can’t wait for us to share recipes, pictures, recommendations, ideas, discussions about ethical veganism and how it pertains to intersectional feminism, guides, everything!!!! i’m so excited for this sub!!!!

I'm excited for this circle!

I've been vegan for about 5 years. Before I went vegan, I had started eating more plant-based meals for health reasons. As I was browsing for plant-based recipes, I fell into a rabbit hole of animal rights information and videos (including Earthlings). I became vegan for ethical reasons basically overnight and never went back. At that time, I didn't know any vegans and there was a huge learning curve, but after a couple of months it was second nature.

I have been vegan for longer than I have been GC/radfem. As soon as I started getting more into feminism, I saw the intersection with veganism right away.

I like a mix of junk food (Ben and Jerry's, Gardein, Daiya) and healthy food (lentil soup, veggie and tofu stir fries, curries). I love baking too.

In this circle, I would like to see general vegan discussion (both feminism-related and not) but without the performative wokeness that has invaded other vegan spaces.

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Sweeeeet, so excited for a vegan circle!

  • 1 year

  • Radical feminism made me vegan. Also couldn't live with the cognitive dissonance required to continue eating animal products.

  • Tofu hands down. And sweet potatoes. I'm easy to please.

  • I'm excited for discussion posts. It's so hard to find places to talk about veganism without the backlash.

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Hello, hello!

I've only been vegan for a little over two years now, vegetarian for a year before that. My journey to veganism was completely unexpected.

At the time, I probably ate more meat than most; I was also an avid horseback rider for the majority of my life. It started with helping a friend shop for tack for her horse, she wanted a more "ethical" bridle without a bit. I was curious and went down a rabbit hole that led me to discover the realities and consequences of riding. I was a self proclaimed animal lover and would never knowingly hurt an animal, the realization of the amount of harm and stress I've unknowingly put past horses through upset me to the point of nausea. I made a vow then and there to never take part in an another animals pain again and went vegetarian overnight.

In the year following I made sure to only buy "free range/cage free" eggs and milk from local farms, fully convinced these were ethical options. It wasn't until I stumbled across a vegan group in search of vegetarian recipes that led me to discover the realities of the byproduct industries. I was furious I had been mislead, I spent the whole night learning about all the animal industries. Leather, eggs, dairy, honey, wool- all of it. I went vegan that night and never looked back. My only regret is that I hadn't made the switch sooner!

Favorite foods: Anything and everything chocolate, 100%.

I'm excited to have a community of like minds! Veganism and feminism have many parallels, I'm looking forward to seeing new perspectives, discussion, and everything in between :)

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Hello! So happy to see this sub.

  • 7 years
  • Watching Earthlings
  • Tacos and pasta
  • Discussion, especially the connections between veganism and radical feminism
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Yay, a vegan circle!

I've been vegan since last September, was vegetarian for about a month beforehand when I realised there was seriously no point in being veggie when I could just go vegan instead, and pescetarian for about a year before that.

I got into it from a health perspective, and also to irritate my anti-vegan bf. I honestly just got so bored with eating meat. It felt like a pointless, culturally obligatory addition to the plate. I've since heard meat described as "sauce carriers", and it makes more sense to me - you like the flavour of the sauce, not the meat. Meat adds nothing to a dish, and you've gotta kill a living being for it? Nah fam. I think I woke up a lot last year, tbh. I was navigating veganism when my terven ideals rose up, so it's been quite an intense year of revelations. It's also been interesting to compare the similar cognitive dissonances between omnis and TRAs.

I'm mostly plant-based, so my staples are big bowls of roasted veggies and beeeeeans. I enjoy tofu and get sad when it's not in stock. I've rediscovered a love of oats for breakfast. But mostly I love going to local vegan restaurants as a treat! I'm so lucky to live in one of the best cities for vegans - we even have a totally vegan Chinese takeaway :D

The hardest thing is going abroad as a vegan, not that that's an issue in these lockdown days. But thankfully Happy Cow exists, and there's usually one small beautiful place where all the local vegans congregate!

Also, it's amazing how taking that one step can encourage others to do some self-reflecting. The people around me have cut down their meat consumption significantly since I've gone vegan, are cooking from vegan cookbooks, and ask me questions about veganism. The ripples are huge. For the first time in my life, I feel like I've made a difference.

Would love easy vegan recipes! Maybe a space to show off our food creations and a thread for wannabe vegans to ask questions.

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Hi Everyone!

I went vegan 4 years ago. I originally went plant based to help with my endo symptoms (it was before my diagnosis, but I had figured out that dairy and meat fucking kill me guts) but was still cheating because... I wasn't vegan... anyhow and then because I was looking for recipes, the algorithm started sending me the youtube vegan drama... and then that shit was my jammm! anyhow because of all the insane Chiang Mai Fruit Festival shit I ended up finding my way to actual reasonable vegans and because I was now seeing how easy not eating animal products was, and the mental wall around veganism went down and here I am.

Favorite foods: BEANS..... ah the mighty legume, most sacred of all plants!!! But also Ben and Jerry's PB & Cookies icecream 🤤🤤🤤

I'm just super excited for this circle and to see actual Feminist vegan discussion, I think one of the reasons I was so resistant to veganism for so long was how much misogyny is prevalent in vegan spaces. Also recipes and stuff would be nice. But honestly whatever's clever, I'm just super excited for allllll the discussions.

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Hi there! I've been a vegan for almost 6 years. As for becoming a vegan: my bf's father killed a bird in the forest and cooked it and I didn't want to eat it. The next day I realised there was no difference between the forest bird and the chicken from a supermarket, so I stopped eating meat. I was a vegetarian for about a half of year before going completly vegan. As for favourite food I'd say falafel and cakes;) But tbh I am a lazy person , so I usually cook smth simple. I do love cakes though, so I know a few simple yet delicious recipes. As for the circle in general, I just think it's nice to talk to like-minded people, share recipes or ask for advice:)

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