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Robin Birdsong is an incredibly strong woman with a heartbreaking story that led her to become vegan. Here is an article that features her story.

These paragraphs really struck me, it also shows just how close veganism and feminism are:

I thought back to that dark time five years earlier, in 2007, when I too had felt there was no reason to live. My home was in Colorado then. My beautiful little boy, Danny, died from sudden infant death syndrome. He was two months old. I fell into a depression so deep that it blotted out everything else. I couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t function. I spent entire days curled up on the floor. My fiancé, Danny’s father, dealt with his grief in his own way.

I needed someone to talk to. I went online and googled bereaved mother to find a counselor or support group. What popped up was totally unexpected: a video of a mother cow who’d had her calf taken from her. She was devastated.

I couldn’t tear my eyes away from that cow, mourning the loss of her baby. She’s going through the same thing I am, I thought. Something shifted inside me, and suddenly I knew what I needed to do. I needed to help animals and their babies, to save other creatures who were suffering.

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When I finally groked that dairy cows have to be continuously bred to keep producing milk, that their babies are taken away and they mourn for weeks, sometimes refusing to eat and dying because they are so devastated, it just completely broke my heart. I was already mostly plant based and reducitarian at that point, but that is what made me truly click and realize, there are no happy cows and that the animal biproduct side of the animal husbandry industry is even more inherently cruel than the meat side of the industry. In theory, a meat cow can have a happy life and then one really bad day, but dairy cows go through immense cruelty throughout their entire lives to provide the milk for humans to consume.

what amazing women at the forefront of this movement! oh i’d love to be them 🥺