Aww, I love it when cats bring you dead animals. They supposedly do that because they like you, but think you're a shitty hunter and can't catch anything on your own.

I started to give the stray cats some fancy feast kitty treats whenever I saw them around the laundry room outside my apartment building. There ended up being a bunch of dead birds scattered around the parking lot the next week. 🤦‍♀️

I wish I could take one home, but no pets are allowed in my building.

Which is rich considering we feed them! Cat Logic 101. 😸

Haha I think it might be their way of contributing to the household! Like "see I'm not just leeching off of you, you feed me I feed you, we have a deal meow meow"

Wow I REALLY don’t wanna see a dead animal on here!!!!! Wtf!!!

  1. Cats are predators. They are not just graceful and adorable. They are also killers. They naturally catch and eat smaller animals. Anyone who has had cats will know this. In fact, many cats are still used to keep down mouse and rat populations on farms, ships, etc.

  2. The cat has been especially smart in "catching" its prey. The image is a funny one.