Am I the only one sketched out by this channel? Some videos it seems like they set up the scenerios on purpose..

This is a known phenomenon on YouTube.

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Yeah, but if this channel is doing it theyre actively abusing animals for views vs humans acting out some random scene

Yes, I mean what you’re describing here. Some YouTube channels put animals in uncomfortable or dangerous situations to then “rescue” them for views. It’s abuse.

That poor, poor darling. Blessings on the people who rescued her, especially the vet who saved her life and gave her that abandoned kitten, and the informant who adopted her. I hope they are all well and happy.

Omg, that video has me bawling. The poor mother cat just stayed near her little babies in shock. She seemed to know right away that she could trust the vet who came and collected her in that soft blanket with lavender flowers on it. She didn't struggle at all. Animals really can judge people it seems.

The tears in the cat's eyes when she met the abandoned kitten, omg! I've never known a cat to cry tears like that.