My cats tend to follow us from room to room - they don't necessarily want to cuddle or play or anything when they walk in, they just like occupying the same space as us. It's a small thing, but it makes me feel so loved <3

My babies (2) are always hanging out with us unless they go take a nap on my bed. It’s so sweet 🥰 and they’ve gotten attached to me specifically since I’ve started WFH.

When I am dealing with cats that suffer separation anxiety, I usually do not advocate playing the owner’s voice in the home as this can cause anxiety with the cat hearing the voice, but not knowing where their human is.

That doesn’t surprise me. My girls hate it when I’m in the adjoining unit and they can hear me but not see me. They cry and cry.

This was the most eye-opening finding for me. I usually call home when I'm out of town but maybe I shouldn't.

And here I was thinking mine had put a tracking device on me. Turns out all that staring into space they do is just them listening.