Apparently this is an unpopular opinion, but I think it's totally selfish how people get 2+ pet cats and then let them roam around catching birds and crapping in the neighbours' gardens.

A few weeks ago I visited my mother and couldn't put my toddler down to play on the lawn until we'd picked up all the poo from the neighbours' cats. And what happens if you're pregnant? You're supposed to risk catching toxoplasmosis picking up after other people's animals?

That's so weird since cats are renowned for burying their poo. Usually when people complain about cats ruining their lawns it's from the nitrogen content of their pee. Is there particularly rocky earth where your mother lives?

No, it's a totally normal flat grassy lawn. A bit overgrown sometimes but the cat poo was very obvious, as are the cats (now 3 of them) who she sees there almost every day.