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Oh ffs, cats have been in Europe for millennia. How about listing men as an alien invasive species and getting rid of them.

Humans outside Africa.

When does a species go from introduced to native? For plants and insects my guess is it would take a long time for ecosystems to adapt to a lot of introduced species, but for animals higher up the food chain it might not matter as much so long as it isn't adding a new niche.

The researcher just wants people to keep their cats inside more during nesting season. Saying cats are alien and invasive is like saying dandelions (or honey bees for that matter) are alien and invasive to North America. It's just a fact. It's not like "alien" = high-tech warfare and lots of explosions like in Hollywood disaster films.

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Yes, I’m all for keeping cats inside - mine have been indoor only for many years, as much for their safety as for the birds’ - but this “alien and invasive” terminology comes across like some “kill all the cats” psychopath. Hello, all domesticated animals can fit that description, and yes, all humans outside Africa.

I don't think most domesticated animals would be considered invasive, just introduced (which I gather is another term for "alien"). Do they blend in or disrupt local ecosystems if they go feral? We're invasive, but I doubt cattle or sheep would be considered anything more than introduced in most places. I'm sure they're on that list somewhere. Biologists catalogue everything.

This reminds me a bit of when I kept referring to "Mytilis edulis, the edible blue mussel", when presenting my honours thesis in geology, and someone thought I was making a joke. Why no, malacologists gather from around the world to decide on official common names.

Apparently this is an unpopular opinion, but I think it's totally selfish how people get 2+ pet cats and then let them roam around catching birds and crapping in the neighbours' gardens.

A few weeks ago I visited my mother and couldn't put my toddler down to play on the lawn until we'd picked up all the poo from the neighbours' cats. And what happens if you're pregnant? You're supposed to risk catching toxoplasmosis picking up after other people's animals?

That's so weird since cats are renowned for burying their poo. Usually when people complain about cats ruining their lawns it's from the nitrogen content of their pee. Is there particularly rocky earth where your mother lives?

No, it's a totally normal flat grassy lawn. A bit overgrown sometimes but the cat poo was very obvious, as are the cats (now 3 of them) who she sees there almost every day.

I mean... They are. No problem if you keep them indoors though.

Still consuming resources that contribute to global warming though. Unless you just feed them scraps but somehow people have decided it's unacceptable to do so anymore

Nah I’m going to give my cat a healthy diet designed to extend her longevity and quality of life. I have a responsibility to her

People don't usually like changing their lifestyle for the planet but they will have to. Pets are really bad for the environment in general

I have a feeling that is not the reason for the new classification in Poland.

They don't want women to become spinsters with a dozen cats, now that they outlawed abortion.

I don't think they will keep women from staying single by outlawing cats, but I would not be surprised if it was the intention.

Sorry but this is reaching. Scientists having an opinion that cats should be kept indoors is just that.

Honestly, I love my cats....but I really don't care for feral ones. There are enough cats in the world. There are tons of endangered species that will be gone forever once cats hunt them to extinction. Climate change is already wreaking havoc on wildlife, we don't need to add to it. I'm A-OK with hunting or killing feral cats, and if it's easier to implement those things by declaring cats an invasive species then go ahead and do it. I recently watched Shooting Cats: Australia's War on Feral Cats (NSFL, gore, obviously) and was sympathetic. I'd probably be hunting feral cats as a hobby/good deed too if I lived there.