Alas friends cannot be prescribed

No, but walkable neighbourhoods can be. Fortunately it's something a lot of people crave, so the movement away from car-centred to walkable neighbourhood development is really starting to take off.

I read once that just adding front porches to houses leads to more connections among neighbors.

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Big porches have always been a southern staple and now down here they're bulldozing all the houses with an enjoyable porch a and building back skinny condos :/

Walking has nothing to do with it. And where I live doctors can’t prescribe changes to neighborhoods either, but maybe it’s different in Europe

Doctors can't prescribe changes for individuals, but they can lobby the same way any other community member can, and they can at least not gaslight patients by telling them to just try harder (or to say "this is what you need" without noticing there's no real way of getting it without help that doesn't exist, as happened to me).

I'm in Canada, which isn't as extremely bad as the US (I think we have more sidewalks) but is still pretty bad.

A survey from Harvard University's Making Caring Common project describes "Gen Z" (adults currently ages 18-22) as the loneliest generation. Increased isolation and loneliness among younger adults may be attributed to higher social media use and less engagement in meaningful in-person activities.

That should be the age with the most social contact. We really need to have a society-wide discussion about the destructive effects of social media.

Archive: https://archive.ph/EVGh4

people with physical disabilities, people with hearing or vision impairments

A long list of vulnerable groups, including some with disabilities, but not people with social communication disabilities. Ok. (I know, volunteers wrote this thing. I just wanted to vent a little. But all they had to do was say "disabled people". It would have saved them eight words.) /vent

Social isolation, loneliness, and social dislocation are serious issues. So many people don't even need to be told. It's fixing it that's the issue. (I'm a Strong Towns/Not Just Bikes fan – I think that's the way forward.)