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Jesus fucking Christ the narcissism and self-importance of men really has no limits. if only they put half this effort into washing their musty ass balls and scraping the smegma from their limp dicks

I wonder if there will ever be a world where men are able to see and appreciate all the wonderful things about women and all of our talents and intelligence instead of just worshiping themselves and each other

Papua New Guinea had a male secret society in certain areas. The conflicts between different groups of people would actually stop to make sure their secret items, and rituals would never be revealed to women.

"Men from neighboring villages were often asked to wear the costumes – and were given yams and sprouted coconuts in return – in order to prevent the women from suspecting it was males from their own community in the costumes"

this is pretty common throughout the entire world, this thing of hiding secret magical rituals from women. I wonder why men would go to such trouble to hide this stuff if we're so stupid and can't understand it anyway. Ties right into my suspicions that men work so hard to take things from us and keep us down because they know we need them a lot less than they need us. And, i think they perceive us as naturally more powerful than them and they resent us for it. After all none of their sorry little asses would even exist without women. And we actually could end the entire human race if we wanted to.

One interesting thing that happens in cultures where men are more decorated is that men start making it exclusive to them, and turn into a status symbol.

Whatever men do is higher status.

in a lot cases the men do not even make their own decorative items the women make it for them, and they just wear it.

I read some paper about a while back about that.

Why on earth have women put up with our narcissistic male counterparts for so long? Men are the beautiful sex? Give me a fucking break.