Yes, uses toilet. Was taught to do so
No does not use toilet
Tried to teach the cat, failed


Maybe a bit strange, but at least one of my cats is peeing into the toilet. Has been, for a long time. I have never taught the cats to do so or even considered it. Kept wondering why a) there was unflushed urine all the time (suspected the Nigel) and b) paw prints on the seat (did not suspect the Nigel). Then I saw the cat peeing. Am now wondering if this is common. Also hoping the younger cat will learn it. While it freaks me out a little bit, it's very practical.

Oh... You meant an actual toilet! I have to change my vote...

apparently, unless your cat kinda figures it out for themselves, you're not supposed to make them go in a human toilet. then again, I saw that on the internet once a bajillion years ago, but it's unnatural placement for their paws and stuff

Oh, I would have never thought about teaching it to a cat. Truthfully, it freaks me out a bit. It is practical, though. What is less practical is, that they of course do not flush. So if it sits there a while, the smell is very unpleasant. Before they used the toilet, they would pee right down the drain, that was very disgusting.

The younger cat apparently now figured it out too.

I wouldn’t dream of training my cats to use the toilet. First, it interferes with their instinct to cover their feces to hide it from predators. Second, it makes it impossible for the human to check the feces, which is important for tracking their health (one of my girls has early stage megacolon and I need to keep track of when she defecates and its consistency - constipation is the major issue with this condition).


Same reason that I don't like the idea of automatic cleaning litter boxes. I can always keep an eye on my cats' bathroom habits and quality of their feces because I clean it very regularly. Also my one cat would be terrified of it.

Yes, I’d avoid those for the same reasons. I’m home all day most days and clean the litter a lot.

I agree with this. It sounds like a good idea on the surface but it can cause a lot of problems. Let kitties use their litter like they want to!

Want to and need to!

ETA love your username, reminds me of my late tuxie!

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I gave it a bash but he's a typical stubborn male. Will piss where ever he wants to. 99.9 percent of the time in the litter tray, other times on Nigels shoes.

Mine are male too. I guess they may have learned from intently and creepily watching us.

I voted for no, but they don't have access to the toilet so it would be kind of impossible for them. Only one of them uses a litter box (and has only started doing so at an advanced age), the other two go in the garden (and one of them has developed specific tastes about where she likes to deposit her excrements).

My cats can freely go outside whenever they please, so they just do their business outside (and have a fondness for my new flower beds 😑). But when we have to lock them inside for one reason or another, they can use the litter box just fine. I think they were taught (we got them when they were 6 months old).

Oh, mine are indoor - outdoor cats too, but for some reason they like coming inside to pee. Also weird. They also have litter boxes. Only use them to shit.

When we first got my cat as a kitten he was very obsessed with his litter box. When we let him outside he would ask to come in to pee. Like he’d come inside, pee, and then go right back out again. For a smart cat it took him quite a while to realise he could just go outside, and now he exclusively does his business outside.

Mine never realized. Three are/were on the smart side, one is... He has other talents (like being the best) . Funnily, he was and is the one with the best toilet habits. They all have /are preferring to pee indoors.

Cats do get some weird ideas sometimes! Sounds like your cats have some very specific ideas.

They sure do. I love that part about cats - the random weirdness and dedication to strange ideas

One time I was alone in my house and heard peeing in the bathroom. I approached carefully and flicked on the light. My tabby was squatting and peeing in the toilet 😵 I let him be, he didn’t even spill a drop on the seat! He’s never done it since though sadly lol

I have heard of this but never tried to teach my cat. The cat has an auto-cleaning litterbox which works great. Cats generally instinctively know how to use a litter box.